Rahu Ketu in 2013 on all Sun Signs

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Team Astroyogi By Team Astroyogi
Rahu Ketu in 2013 on all Sun Signs

The year 2013, begins with Rahu in Thula (Libra) sign as per the Indian Vedic Niryan system of astrology. Following are the predictions of this transit of Rahu and Ketu to the 12 signs.

Exact nature of these predictions may depend on your personal horoscope, but you can use these predictions as a guiding light.

Aries: You should overcome the tendency to do anything alone in the coming year. Make it a point to have partners. You will be drawn to public life and mass oriented activities. You will have opportunities to engage in many activities and marriage proposals will also boost up. Positive results should be expected in legal matters and any legal initiative started in this year will bring good success. 

Taurus: This is an opportune year to collect good social credit through serving others and providing selfless service. Health may take a backstage in this year though and you are advised to be aware of any symptoms. In this year you may do well if you are practical instead of being imaginative. Pay extra attention to any urgent call of duty, legally as well as regards to its service value.

Gemini: Depth and intensity in love will be experienced in this year and you should also demostrate the same. All kinds of love can bloom and blossom in the year. Those looking to have kids may find some disturbances and hindrances as well as unexplained problems. Soft skills generation and build up will become necessary in this year. Creativity needs to be explored in all manners.

Cancer: Domestic life will be centre stage in this year and you may be more active at home. Property issues may come up more often and depending on how strategically you solve them, scope of being tensed on these matters are high. Emotional distress may be controlled and you may be able to express your emotions well. Emotionally draining matters will come to an end.

Leo: Relations with siblings will come to the fore with strong possibilities of some of them coming to an amicable end. Issues with communication and efforts as well as neighbours may trouble you in this transit of Rahu. Take care what you write about or whatever is recorded and signed, as this may create issues of utmost trouble in the coming near to medium term future.

Virgo: This is the time for wise judgement, when you will be able to draw the attention of wise and influential people, which will prove beneficial in your future requirements. This is the period of controlled speech and reduction of taunts and abusive humiliatory language. Influences to personal possessions or resources to own material wealth may be disruptive, so care needs to be taken.

Libra: Do not rely on others but your own self and you will also feel the need to develop self-confidence, which will be dwindling during this Rahu transit. You will be forced to act under your own discretion and determination as support from others may move out. Your ego and self-esteem may bring harm your way.

Scorpio: This transit of Rahu will benefit those who are victims of injustice and the less fortunate. Though keep in mind self sacrifice too is demanded and seeked by you. It is advised to learn about your health and seek advice for future medical problems by medical examination. The body seems to be attacked but it's still hidden inside. You may be harassed by unseen secret enemies here so keep your guard up.

Sagittarius: This is an opportune transit for new friendships and gaining social benefit through unorthodox means. You may even choose this transit to bring an end to some associations before they cause you trouble.Your desires for international community interactions may take an upswing and it would be best to put in efforts for the same here.

Capricorn: This is the time when you get recognised for your work and have public acclaim as well as career benefits, though you need to understand that vocational demands will be too high to be able to pay heed to the home and hearth. Some of you may face issues with authorities and seniors or parents if your behaviour is not sound in this year.

Aquarius: In this transit of Rahu your religious and philosophical concepts and beliefs may take a beating or you may be forced to change them or believe them with a new twist or insight. Luck obviously seems to be dried up and for those already facing a shortage may have to pray more. Long distance travel is best avoided while some of you may have to relocate or get transferred.

Pisces: You may be obsessed with your secrets and may have to work harder to maintain them. Your passions too may flare up creating situations of public humiliation. Many of you may find matters realted to inheritances and insuramces coming up, it is not necessary to be beneficial, but depending on how you have handled them earlier. Efforts may be put in to dig up some hidden treasures in your life.

Wishing you all good luck!