How True Were The Ancient Predictions? Check Here to Find Out!

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How True Were The Ancient Predictions? Check Here to Find Out!

Astrology has been in practice for ages! Ancient and medieval astrologers have always turned to astrology to understand the occurrences in people's lives. If you are curious to find out if the astrology predictions by medieval astrology experts or astrologers from olden times turned out to be true or not, then read here.

Humankind has always looked up at the sky in deep wonder with a desire to understand our place in the universe. Since time immemorial, astrology has been an integral part of our lives. For centuries, astrologers have always been given immense respect, especially the ancient and medieval astrologers in the courts of kings and emperors. Astrological factors have always been believed to have a powerful impact on our lives, events, daily activities, and earthly occurrences.

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Why Astrology Holds Relevance in Our Lives?

Since ancient times, people have looked up at the sky for clues about why certain things happen around them. In medieval times, astronomy was a required field of study. Medieval astrologers carefully kept records of all astronomical phenomena, interpreting them so that they could find correlations between what happened in the sky and the physical world around them. Medieval astrology guide for predictions is based on the astrological relationship between the celestial bodies, zodiac signs, and one's physical, emotional, and spiritual well-being and future. Medieval astrologers made predictions to say something true about the world, which they hoped could be verified.

Astrology is a divination tool that forecasts earthly events and the events in our lives through the interpretation of the celestial bodies. It is believed that the combinations, movements, positions, and configurations of celestial bodies can determine what happens in the material world. As the celestial bodies influence every aspect of our lives, astrologers look at the celestial bodies to predict earthly affairs and find out what lies in an individual's destiny. People also turn to astrology to mitigate their sufferings and solve their long-unsolved troubles. During the ancient times, especially until the 17th century, astrology was a scholarly pursuit whose concepts were used in alchemy, meteorology, mathematics, medicine, and accepted in cultural circles.

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Predictions by Astrology Experts That Came True

Even though astrology has been in practice for ages, many skeptics believe that astrology has lost its relevance in the modern world. They believe that the interpretations are vague, and most of the time, astrology experts tell what people want to hear about themselves and the world. However, that's not the truth at all! In reality, many situations are predicted accurately by expert and knowledgeable astrologers. Predictions by medieval astrology experts such as Nostradamus have been known to come true.

Below are some of the ancient and medieval astrology predictions that have been believed to come true.

Prediction of The Hiroshima And Nagasaki Atomic Bombs

Michel de Nostredame, or Nostradamus as he is commonly known, was a French astrologer, seer, and physician renowned for his book 'Les Propheties'. The book is a collection of poetic quatrains that predict future events that have continued to mystify and intrigue everyone. One of the medieval astrology predictions that he accurately predicted was the bombing of Hiroshima and Nagasaki in 1945. Nostradamus infamously wrote- "Within two cities, there will be scourges the like of which was never seen." This description described what occurred in the two Japanese cities when the USA dropped atomic bombs at the end of World War II. Nostradamus gives more information about how the atomic attack will be bleak for humanity as it will unleash "famine within plague", which can refer to the lasting consequences of the war.

In fact, many people believe Nostradamus also accurately predicted the French Revolution, World War II, King Henry II of France's death, the 9/11 terrorist attacks, and many more. There are many significant global events that Nostradamus is commonly believed to have foreseen.

William Lilly’s Predictions And The Fire of London

William Lilly, also known as "the English Merlin," is another famous astrologer whose predictions have turned out to be true. He has also published various astrological publications. The most well-known among them is 'Christian Astrology.' This is considered one of the most critical seminal works of Western astrology.

In 1651, William Lilly distributed several pamphlets called 'Monarchy or No Monarchy in England.' This had several illustrations, and one of the illustrations among them depicted a city under fire. William Lilly is believed to have predicted that London would get destroyed by fire one day. This same happened during the Great Fire of London in 1666 and affected the city immensely. It looked remarkably similar to the prediction done by Lilly. The accuracy of Lilly's predictions added credence to the practice of astrology.

Varahamihira’s Prediction And King Vikramaditya

Varahamihira was an ancient Indian astrologer, astronomer, and polymath who was a court astrologer in the Kingdom of King Yashodharman Vikramaditya of Malwa (present-day Madhya Pradesh). He was honored by the King for his vast knowledge and correct predictions.

After the birth of the King's son, Varahamihira was asked to make predictions about the baby's future. After analyzing the birth chart, he predicted that the child would get killed by a 'Varaha' or boar on a specific day at the age of 18. He said no remedies would be able to save him. Having heard such ill fortune and danger, the King made arrangements for the prince to stay in a new palace with massive walls. Thousands of elite guards would patrol the property, and the prince was under constant guard. However, despite all the safety measures, the prince was found dead on the palace's terrace on the predicted day. It was found that an artificial iron boar had injured him. Varahamihira's prediction came true, and it brought him honor and respect.

The Death Prediction for Alexander

One prediction that is believed to have turned out to be true is the one provided to Alexander the Great by the Chaldeans. When Alexander was to enter Babylon with his armies, the Chaldeans told him not to enter the city as it would be fatal for him. The Chaldeans were a particular semi-nomadic tribe absorbed into the Babylonian population around the 6th century BC. This was the second warning that Alexander had received for his impending demise.

Prior to this, an advisor and gymnosophist named Calanus, who accompanied Alexander and his army back from Punjab and was 73 years old, predicted his death. When the fatigue and the pains of his advanced age weakened him, he took his own life by self-immolation in Susa in 323 BC. His last words to Alexander were, "We shall meet in Babylon." Therefore, he was believed to have prophesied Alexander's death in Babylon, as Alexander did die in Babylon, and the prophecy came true.


These were only some examples of predictions by medieval astrology experts and ancient astrologers and seers, which turned out to be true. There is more evidence of astrologers' predictions turning out to be true. Astrology has been around since the time human beings made the conscious effort to understand, record, and predict the changes around them and in their lives. Whether you acknowledge the powers and capability of astrology or not, you cannot deny that this divine science can offer valuable insights into your life.

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