Planning A Start-Up? Have You Got The Mettle?

The going trend in the professional world is the mushrooming of big and small start-ups. While earlier, youngsters simply joined their family business, today’s educated and not-so educated people are enterprising enough to think out of the box and are willing to take a risk while executing them.

Studies show that these entrepreneurs may not be looking so much to make a profit than to achieve success. Most of them start with a small capital.

So, why is it that some make it big and many fail to take off?

Getting into business requires a certain bent of mind. It is noticed that some zodiac personalities fare better than the others. In our list, Leo tops the chart with the maximum rich people while Cancer’s don’t have a head for business.

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1st - Leo - It is often said, if you want someone to start your business with, choose a Leo, as they are insanely ambitious and are not afraid to take a risk. They are workaholics and don’t rest till everything is perfect. Being naturally dominant, they could be overbearing, demanding and annoying, but they get the work done.

14 Billionaires in the world, boast of being Leo’s.

2nd - Libra and Aquarius

Libra - With great communication skills, intellect, ability to plan and execute well, Libras are ideal for setting up new ventures. But their indecisiveness and tendency to carry a grudge, works against them.

Aquarius - Being an entrepreneur suits them well as they can be original, independent and are progressive in their approach. Their downside is their aloof and uncompromising nature.


3rd - Aries - Their passion for doing something, courage and determination to make a success out of it, their honesty; are all ingredients for a start up. They just need to reign in their impulsive nature, short-temper, aggression, impatience and control their moods, to make the best of the business.

4th - Taurus and Pisces

Taurus - They have great qualities to make good businessmen. They are reliable, patient, practical, responsible and stable. What goes against them is their stubbornness and uncompromising nature.

Pisces - Although more artistically inclined, they make good businesspersons. Their strong intuition helps them take wise decisions. They can pull clients towards them because they are gentle and compassionate. But their fearful and overly trusting nature, does them in.

5th - Scorpio, Virgo and Capricorn

Scorpio - Their magnetic personality pulls customers towards them. Their ability to plan well, ambitious nature, determination and not losing their cool in dire circumstances, helps them be good entrepreneurs. But the fact that they are too secretive, jealous and don’t trust people, becomes their bane.

Virgo - They can be successful in business since they are hard working, practical, analytical and loyal. But their worrisome nature and habit of being too critical, makes working with them a nightmare.

Capricorn - They could make good businessmen had it not been for their unforgiving and condescending nature. Their ‘know-it-all’ attitude can put off customers. The fact that they are responsible, disciplined, self-controlled and make good leaders, stands them in good stead.

6th - Gemini and Sagittarius

Sagittarius - Their creative nature, lust for challenge, honesty, optimism that things won't go wrong are great qualities for a budding entrepreneur but fall short of success because they are not patient, undiplomatic and make promises which they don’t fulfil.

 Gemini - Their ability to learn quickly, their curious nature of wanting to know more and being open to exchanging ideas, can greatly help them in setting up new ventures but their nervous nature makes them indecisive and inconsistent in the approach.

7th Cancer - Could make good entrepreneurs as they are highly imaginative, persuasive, loyal and resolute in their endeavours but they are let down by their moodiness, insecurity, suspicious nature and being manipulative.

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