Pick Your Zodiac - Coven Style

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Coven Style - Pick Your Zodiac

As the new season of our much beloved show inches closer (September 14th), here is a trip down the memory lane in the form of a Zodiac trivia for the aficionados of the badass witches in Coven.


These are generalized predictions for each zodiac sign. For a personalized horoscope analysis to consult our expert astrologers online now. 


Fiona Goode (Aries): As the Supreme Witch of the Salem Descendants, the glamorous Fiona Goode is every bit the royalty that is her history which imparts a significant amount of fire to her already passionate persona. She is beautiful and intelligent, witty and forceful, has a yearning for being the alpha female, much like an Aries woman. She is kind and extremely ruthless at the same time, she is a unique combination of opposites and a dynamic force of paradoxes. Her desire for leadership is a sure-sign of an Arian woman. She detests stereotypes, much like the sign which is ubiquitously the first, literally and figuratively. Ideologically, her heart is in the right place as she abhors racism. Power and control are the two things she cherishes, and her ambitions are a cautionary tale of aggressiveness taken too far.


Myrtle Snow (Taurus): An honest and an eccentric witch, Myrtle Snow has a deep-seated love for high couture fashion that is more than visible when she screams out "Balenciaga" (while wearing Carolina Herrera, ironically), after the French fashion house while she is being burnt at the stake! This connoisseur of impeccable taste and beauty cannot be classified as anything but a Taurus. Taureans’ love for fashion and materialistic pleasures is widely known.


Stevie Nicks (Gemini): Enough said! As is proved by her birthdate (May 26, 1948), she easily slides into the category of Gemini. Despite her short height, her gargantuan status is proof of her magnetic powers of captivating people. Rumors have plagued Nicks throughout the years, alleging that she is a witch, partly due to her billowing shawls and bohemian tunics which was deftly and comically put to good use when she was cast as the White Witch (also an allude to her youthful personality), and revered as Misty Day's favorite singer, paying homage to the reach and influence of her talent on the show.


Queenie (Cancer):  She is able to transfer self-inflicted wounds and the pain associated with them to another person when pushed to the extreme even though she is calm and collected most of the times. These mood fluctuations earn her the honor of being a Cancerian. Despite her physical appearance that borders on obesity, she is not self-conscious at all even though she is at the receiving end of cruel jokes about her weight, and has cultivated a thick exterior (no pun intended!), much like her sign, Cancer. Her sassy and independent attitude makes for a tough disposition. She is very intelligent, but often feels isolated and different from the other witches that prompts her longing for a family and a desire for belonging; Crabs are known to crave the familial bonds of love.


Madison Montgomery (Leo): She is a focus of the paparazzi (due to her career in acting), and thrives on the limelight. This uncontrollable starlet is used to things going her way, and therefore is a perfect candidate for the position of a Leo. Her charisma is compounded by her striking beauty that nudges her towards vanity. She is extremely confident, self-centered and egotistical, embodying the essential characteristics of her sign, with traces of vulnerability. Vain and brassy, Madison is sharp-tongued and willful and her tendency to take jabs at people which seems like an innate talent. Narcissistic and sociopathic tendencies that don't help in establishing a long-lasting friendship with her peers result in her being disliked but the self-centeredness of Leos prevents her from acknowledging it. Friendship means little to her in the grand scheme of things which is quite emblematic of Leos as her desire for success blinds her to everything else.


Marie Laveau (Virgo): This Virgo Voodoo Queen is the undisputed leader of the Coven's most powerful rivals in witchcraft. She is revered by her patrons and is a local caregiver, quite symptomatic of Virgos.  She is a force to be reckoned with, and steadfastly holds grudges longer than most and her revenge tactics are as violent as the violence ensued on her people. Based on a real character of a voodoo practitioner whose birthdate happens to be September 10, 1807, she is undoubtedly a Virgo.


Cordelia Fox (Libra): The reigning Supreme of the Coven, Cordelia is gentle and caring toward others, particularly her students. Her affinity for harmony and an encompassing love makes her a sound contender for a Libran. Despite her strenuous relationship with her mother, Cordelia is intelligent enough to conclude that the Coven cannot survive without her mother's power, which adequately shows that she is a skilled problem solver in tough situations. Since Librans have a victorious mindset, she achieves success through her reliance on hard work. Her extreme loyalty and dedication to the students and the coven shows her partiality towards partnership and a common goal, like a dedicated Libran.


Kaylee (Scorpio): She is a Pyrokinetic witch that can be read as a tribute to the passionate flames of Scorpios. She is soft spoken and a rather hopeless romantic, and this sun sign is sometimes considered the most romantic of all the signs. She actively tries to resist her powers, wanting to keep them a secret, just like a Scorpio. Her refusal to accept refuge in the Academy, and insisting on a normal lifestyle is very much a sign of the stubbornness and decisive powers of a Scorpio.


Anna Leigh Leighton (Sagittarius): Her long reign is a testament to her likable character and agreeable nature. Like Sagittarians, she has a positive personality even after crossing sixty. She signs a truce with Marie Laveau and subsequently brings peace between the two groups for several decades, so her far-sightedness reminds one of a Sagittarius. Their philosophy of “live and let live” is aptly seen in this step of hers.


Zoe Benson (Capricorn): The quintessential girl-next-door, Zoe is tenaciously resilient which leads to a controlled behavior that helps her in being disciplined. This sounds a lot like the traits of a Capricorn. Zoe is a shy and reserved person and unlike her fellow witches, cannot remain cool under pressure and expects the worse, a weakness of this sign. Acting as a proxy leader in times of crises that is a sure sign of the managerial quality of Capricorns, she knows what’s best for the Academy.


Nan (Aquarius): Underestimated, she is the dark horse of the race. Her humanitarian side and her natural optimism for a world of possibilities lend her the qualities of an Aquarian. Her clairvoyance gives her an insight into people, aiding her ability to help people. She trusts her abilities implicitly and is reliant on them, fuelling her inquisitive side that might be responsible for her eavesdropping and her rejection of dullness, a weakness chiefly displayed by this sign.


Misty Day (Pisces): An earthy young woman, Misty Day was misunderstood due to her ability to bring souls back from the dead given her compassionate side, upholding the positive side of Pisceans. Since her resurrection from being burned at the stake, Misty spends her days wandering the swamps and listening to Stevie Nicks, giving wings to her imagination amidst nature. Much like Pisces, she likes the solitary arrangement with her faithful record player. Misty also seems to have a fear of abandonment given her empathy and sensitivity for life that forces her to crave human company, which is a negative trait of the Zodiac she seems to inhabit. She spends most of her time meditating, and like her sign, that could have led to her emotional intelligence.