One Of The Most Important Transit Of 2017: Jupiter To Libra

Jupiter is considered to be the ‘Guru’ of gods according to Hindu Mythology. This behemoth planet is the biggest of all the planets in our solar system according to astronomy. Vedic astrology considers Jupiter as the key significator of Wealth, fame, prosperity, and off springs. Jupiter is considered to be a benefic planet which would bring in favorable impacts for Zodiac natives. Therefore a Jupiter transit, retrogression or progression is considered to bring in some significant impacts on people’s lives according to expert Vedic astrologers of astroYogi. Jupiter is transiting from Virgo to Libra on the 12th of September 2017. Read on to learn how it would impact your Zodiac sign.

(Please note that these predictions are based on Moon signs)

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The Jupiter transit will only bring in favorable impacts in your life. The transit will place Jupiter in your seventh house. You would feel healthy as a horse during this time period and recover from any illness or injury which have been troubling you for some time. The favorable positioning of Jupiter in your horoscope will keep stress and strain at bay. You may be inclined towards spirituality and religion during this tenure.


Jupiter will be positioned in your sixth house after the transit. This implies good health for you. You will also sort out those minor disagreements and friction with your better half during this time period. You would be able to excel on the work front and will notice that you are getting famous among your managers and colleagues for the exceptional performance. If you were trying to source a loan for some requirements, it would be sanctioned during this time period.


Jupiter will visit your fifth house after the transit which pertains to children, education and relationship aspects of your life. You will enjoy great luck during this time period due to the favorable positioning of Jupiter. Jupiter will also keep diseases and ailment at bay for you. Couples who are planning to have a baby will hear good news during this time period.


Jupiter would come into your fourth house after the transit. This would increase the overall well-being and happiness in your life. If you have been planning to purchase a house or vehicle for a long time. You are likely to make this big investment during this time period. You may also consider refurbishing your home during this time period. Cancer natives who are living away from their parents have a good chance of spending some time with them. Both you and your parents will enjoy this to the fullest.


The transit would bring Jupiter into your third house. You will feel energetic and proactive after the transit. However, you may find it hard to take some critical decisions, as you would be having a lot of dilemma regarding the same. Financial gains are also on the cards. You will hear some good news from your younger sister or brother. Our expert astrologer advice you to maintain your inner peace and consult your well-wishers before taking any crucial decisions.


Virgos will find Jupiter in their second house after the transit which is also the house relating to your wealth and financial gains. Jupiter will be transiting from your sign to Libra. You will sort out some disagreements with close friends or relatives during this time period. Work pressure may increase during this time period but it would also be an opportunity to prove yourself on the work front.


Jupiter is transiting into your own sign from Virgo and would be positioned in your first house. Your family life would be absolutely delightful. There are also chances of family reunion which would be enjoyed by everyone. Couples who are planning to have a baby will get the good news during this time period. You may also find interest in religious and spiritual activities.


With Jupiter transiting into your 12th house financial gains are on the cards. Try your best to be most productive and focused as you have the support of luck and should try to make the best out of this time period. astroYogi astrologers suggest that all those hard work and efforts should not come at the cost of your health, so you should be careful of your diet and should not overstrain your body.


The transit will bring Jupiter into your eleventh house. Good health along with mental peace is indicated. You need to take care of the emotional needs of your near and dear ones rather than their materialistic needs. You should probably plan a vacation or at least spare some time out of your busy schedule for them. This would radically improve your relationship with them.


 Jupiter will enter your tenth house after the transit which is also known as the ‘Karmakshetra’ according to Vedic astrology.  This transit can bring in some significant changes on your work front. You might have to work hard due to some additional responsibilities which were brought new to your plate. You will have the strength and perseverance to accomplish these tasks due to the favorable positioning of Jupiter.


The transit will bring Jupiter to your 9th house which is also the house pertaining to your luck. You would be very much inclined towards spirituality and religion during this time period. You may also start a healthy new habit for the betterment of your health during this time period. You may visit a religious shrine which you have been planning for long during this time period.


Jupiter will visit your eighth house after the transit. You may feel a bit weak during this tenure, minor ailments or injuries may also trouble you. But you may find a new and exciting opportunity in the work front. astroYogi astrologers advise you to be strong enough to overcome your physical weaknesses and grab this opportunity as it would be a boost to your career. You should not take any impulsive decisions during this time period, take your time and consult your near and dear ones before taking any crucial decisions.

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