On being a Virgo

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Team Astroyogi By Team Astroyogi
On being a Virgo

With the Sun moving into Virgo, Astroyogi.com Astrologers analyze and provide you with meaningful insights on the personality traits of a Virgo. What would life be like living with this sign? Are they as nitpicky as they are made out to be or is there a sensitive side to their personality? Find out what Astroyogi.com says about mutable sign Virgo (August 23 - September 23).

Virgo is the sixth astrological sign in the zodiac and is ruled by planet Mercury. Virgo's element is Earth and those who belong to this zodiac sign are known to be hard working, choosy, knowledgeable and restless. Virgo, you symbolize everything that represents reality and practicality in life. You are not easily swayed by sob stories or taken in by emotions. It's your head that you rely on for all purposes and rarely your heart. You simply cannot imagine life the way an Air sign would. You find it ridiculous and would rather get labeled as a killjoy then play along for other people's approval. You seek perfection in life and want others to aspire for the same too.

Confrontations are not your cup of tea and indeed render you quite ineffective in your work. You admire honesty and have an aversion towards hypocrites. Although you are not short-tempered and in fact are slow to get angry, when you do have arguments you try to put up a stiff resistance to anyone opposing you. You tend to make bitter enemies, and like an elephant you remember events that happened a long time ago. You love to travel and generally this proves beneficial for you.

Virgo likes to meet new people but they can have a good time only with likeminded people. They like well-kept houses where everything is in order. Virgo likes to work and is often found to be lost in work when others are busy having fun. Virgo likes to collect art pieces and start a personal collection. They rarely lose stuff and always keep things in the right places. They can keep secrets. The next time you feel like confiding in someone, go to a Virgo!

They are a lot more impatient than the other astrological signs. Virgo does not like to spend time sitting idle. They will find a way out of such situations and do something stimulating with their time. Virgo can be your best friend only if you impress them with your planning skills.

Virgo is a mutable sign, which means it will have no problem adjusting or understanding with others.

You are cautious in matters of the heart and don't fall in love easily. It always takes time for you to accept someone, with flaws and all. But, once you give your heart to someone, you are in there for the long haul. Your loyalty cannot be questioned and you expect your partner to remain loyal too. The most practical of signs Virgo will find true love in a Taurean mate. Their practical approach to life helps them form a lasting bond that can stand the test of time. This is a couple that stands together like a rock and is undeterred by challenges. Together, they can accomplish anything. There are times when things will not be so hunky dory between the two of you. This may happen if Virgo criticizes Taurus too often or when Taurus puts up a stubborn front which doesn't go down well with Virgo. It's Taurus ruled by Venus that will bring sensuality and romance to this match. Virgo will gladly play along and enjoy the romance a Taurean offers.