New Moon 2019

What exactly happens during the period of a New Moon? The New Moon is an invisible phase for us on Earth, as, during this time, the Moon is directly located between the Earth and the Sun, which makes the illuminated side of the Moon hidden from us. It can be quite difficult to observe the New Moon, as, during this phase, the Moon is very close to the Sun. Since the illuminated side falls towards the Sun, the Moon becomes invisible at night, and only starts appearing little by little with each passing day. 


Even though the New Moon is invisible in the sky, this phase of the Moon marks the start of a new lunar cycle. This is why astrologers believe that, along with a new Moon cycle, a New Moon can also represent a new start in our personal lives. 


Since a New Moon symbolizes a new start, it can be the perfect time for you to start something new-a new project, a new business, a new job, and even shifting into a new home.


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The New Moon favors fresh starts, and it can be a great time to lay the groundwork and set things in motion for your new idea during this period. The rewards for the seeds sown during a New Moon, start showing even as early as 15 days after the New Moon, and during the bright illumination of the Full Moon. The effects of a New Moon occur on a more subtle level, and so are believed to take longer to manifest, than those during a Full Moon, where one is more aware of the pull and energy of the Moon. 


New Moon 2019 will be observed on 13 occasions, on the following days-


S.No.                 Date                                 New Moon in

1                   January 6th                             Capricorn 

2                   February 4th                            Aquarius 

3                   March 6th                                 Pisces

4                   April 5th                                    Aries

5                   May 4th                                   Taurus

6                   June 3rd                                  Gemini 

7                   July 2nd                                   Cancer 

8                   August 1st                                Leo

9                   August 30th                             Virgo 

10                 September 28th                       Libra 

11                 October 28th                            Scorpio

12                 November 26th                        Sagittarius 

13                 December 26th                        Capricorn


The New Moon in Gemini will be very encouraging and will help incite you to use positive energy and take action to overcome the obstacles in your life. This phase of the Moon can also encourage you to openly express yourself and communicate honestly with your family and loved ones. With the New Moon in Gemini, you will get the courage and energy to accomplish even the toughest of tasks, so make the most of this opportune time! Under this June’s New Moon, try to overcome your fears, and push through your doubts. Your hard work and the efforts you put in now will surely manifest by the upcoming Full Moon. 


Apart from the boost in energy and a good dose of courage, New Moon has some negative effects, one of which is disturbances in sleep patterns. However, this usually affects the zodiac signs differently. 


With the New Moon right around the corner, consult our professional astrologers on to find out how the New Moon will have an effect on your zodiac sign. #GPSforLife



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