Neptune Turns Retrograde, June 3

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Team Astroyogi By Team Astroyogi
Neptune Turns Retrograde, June 3

The god of the sea, Neptune is associated with dreams, visionaries and all things subtle. It represents sensitivity, mystery, illusion, deception, drugs, alcohol and the psychic. People under the influence of Neptune are highly compassionate, idealistic and imaginative.

On June 3, 2011, Neptune turns retrograde on the first degree of the sun sign Pisces. When Neptune turns retrograde, it makes an individual more sensitive and receptive. This heightened receptivity allowed us to see things in a more possible way then when Neptune is direct. Our feelings become more incisive at picking up and understanding the unreal matters.

However, those who are very sensitive, they need to listen to their inner voice and talk out what they are feeling or sensing, as Neptune turning retrograde can produce a type of psychic burden. They may find themselves talking about matters that offer no clarity which could lead to more confusion in their life.

During this period, make sure that you refrain from associating with addictive and overpowering people who exhaust your energies. It's time to evaluate your core principles and create a much larger vision for yourself. It is a good time to revisit a dream that you have had, to think about how far you've come over and to make some positive and healthy changes in your life. It is actually the time to make an investment in your life vision. You might quest for a better life, for freedom, peace and contentment, during this phase.

During this period, your visions will get more focus. This is a good time for those who live by their imaginations - writers, artists, filmmakers and creative people will benefit from this phase. It also holds good for those who are psychically responsive. But make sure you pay attention to your imagination since Neptune's action is gentle and so subtle that sometimes, you may not notice the changes that are happening in your life.