Narendra Modi: The Next Prime Minister?

bell icon Thu, Mar 21, 2013
Team Astroyogi By Team Astroyogi
Narendra Modi: The Next Prime Minister?

Narendra Damodardas Modi is a man on a mission. And with his recent anointment as BJP’s prime ministerial candidate, NaMo seems to be clawing his way to the top of the echelon. He is also Gujarat's longest serving Chief Minister. In fact, it was his popularity in Gujarat that brought him in the limelight to set him up for a larger political role at the national level. Charismatic, shrewd and enigmatic he perfectly represents a new age leader that our country deserves. His journey so far hasn’t exactly been a walk on the red carpet with oodles of controversies surrounding him. However, that Narendra Modi has a chequered past does not seem to waver his supporters who hail him as the messiah who will bring about pioneering changes in the country.

Born on 17th September, 1950, Narendra Modi aptly exemplifies the qualities of a Virgo. Being a Virgo, he seeks to be detail oriented in everything. Blessed with the ability to view complex situations and draw conclusions with attention to detail makes him a good administrator. He is a man who can deliver by his sheer decision making ability in turbulent times. With excellent oratory skills, he has the gift to win people. Like most Virgoans, he is dedicated towards his goals and is known for being hard working. Although he took over Gujarat at a tough time after a devastating earthquake, he worked to put Gujarat back to the road of progress and growth. He has worked his way bottom up from AkhilBhartiyaVidyarthiParishad (ABVP) to BJP then from being national secretary to general secretary and then finally the Chief Minister in 2001.  Following the 2002 riots, opposition parties hindered Parliament and there were calls for NarendraModi to resign. Mr Modi did not give in, but took charge of office once again with a state election win. Modi's devotion, intelligence and mass popularity enable him to be great leader.

The coming months promise something special for Narendra Modi. A whole new chapter of accomplishments and aspirations lies ahead of him but he needs to be cautious about the choices he makes. He may face severe opposition and criticism but it's imperative for him to not let it get to him and stay focused. He needs to pay more attention to his health in the latter half of the year. His spirit and will power will play an important role in helping him get through all hiccups 2013 will make him experience. His chances of being the next PM are high and we will witness widespread support for him.