Motherhood As Postulated By Your Moon Sign on this Mother’s Day

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Team Astroyogi By Team Astroyogi
Motherhood As Postulated By Your Moon Sign on this Mother’s Day

How you are nurtured and nurture in return is delineated by your moon sign.  While your sun sign is indicative of your ego and individuality, the moon sign is illustrative of your emotional state. Since motherhood is largely composed of your emotional side, it makes sense for your moon sign to dictate the pattern of love you will bestow upon your child. Read on to find out more about the kind of mother you are or will be to your child –

Moon in Aries – You are the most hands-on mother around. From being quick on the draw at the smallest threat to your child to envisioning a spirited future for your child, you are actively involved in your child’s life. That doesn’t necessarily mean you would be baking cakes for him/her all the time but you will surely be vibrant and present.

Moon in Taurus – You are a constant pillar of support for your children and disciplined enough to be a natural at your role. Your love sometimes borders on possessiveness as you don’t know when to ease up however.

Moon in Gemini – You are astute in your judgments and nothing gets past you even as you are not always around. You are running around with the sole purpose of getting the best education for your child. You might be absent and a go with the flow kind of mother but you watch over them with a hawk’s eye.

Moon In Cancer – You are a sensitive mother who instinctively knows what her child wants or needs, and his/her needs are always met by you. You tend to smother children a little bit given that your predilection towards being a loving mother gets the better of you at times. You are, what they call, the best mother in the neighborhood. 

Moon in Leo – The child in you resonates with the childhood buoyancy of your little ones. Your child finds the best playmate in you and you swell at pride at his littlest achievements. Be careful of forcing your unfulfilled aspirations on your child upon seeing their talents, however.

Moon in Virgo – Given your self-sufficient nature, you instill the value of self-reliance in your child early on. You are analytical, so you keep track of all the details of your child’s growth. You also tend to be hard on yourself given that you are a perfectionist and constantly feel like you are underperforming as a mother which obviously is just a figment of your overactive imagination.

Moon in Libra – You are the family peacemaker and act as a mediator in sibling squabbles between your children. You like harmony and peace in a household, so children fighting amongst themselves drives you up the wall. You tend to romanticize motherhood but you also realistically teach your children social etiquettes; the ability to do so effortlessly remains uncontested.

Moon in Scorpio – You might emotionally manipulate your child given the intensity of your emotions. Nobody can figure out what’s going on in your head but you are intuitive towards what goes on in your child’s head. Needless to say, you are always two steps ahead of your child. You remain a mystery to your children given your hot and cold persona.

Moon in Sagittarius – The optimist that you are, you inculcate in your children the habit of looking at things positively. You teach them that there’s a silver lining to all the grey clouds. Given this enthusiastic nature, you are lively to be around especially for your child.  

Moon in Capricorn – You are a hardworking and non-nonsense kind of mother. You set standards in motherhood that are tough to attain given that you believe in being an authority figure to your child. They revere and respect you, but get scared of you in equal measures.

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Moon in Aquarius – You are a progressive and liberated mother who doesn’t take the usual approach to parenting. You allow your child to think out of the box and are non-conventional in many ways. The biggest quality you impart to your child is freedom of mind. Your independent thinking sometimes blinds you the reality that your children are still children, and not adults with the same experience as you.

Moon in Pisces – Your over-emotional nature wants to absorb all the pain of the cuts and bruises of your child. You can be taken for granted since you can be the quintessential sacrificial lamb at times. You might end up playing the martyr as you get affected too deeply. Your children are treated to a daily dose of well-crafted bedtime stories due to your fertile imagination, so your presence inspires them to be as imaginative.