Moon, Venus, Jupiter, Mars and Saturn's combined effects

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Team Astroyogi By Team Astroyogi
Moon, Venus, Jupiter, Mars and Saturn's combined effects

Astrologically, this month will be a highly significant one for you in terms of your career and personal life. The Moon will impact your emotions and you will be under some kind of confusion towards the beginning of the month. In Astrology, the Moon has four phases and each phase impacts you differently.

Venus moving in and its visibility is an indication of good times for those in fashion or creative fields. You will see a surge in number of clients. Your work will receive appreciation. Some of you are likely to feel the impact of this astrological movement and notice a difference in your behaviour. In Astrology, Venus is associated with outward appearances.

Jupiter, the all encompassing planet will help you achieve your goals during this significant period of 2012. You will notice that your energy levels are high and you are ready to take on new challenges. This helps you plan out your work and impress others with your productivity. You will be in the mood to do something different and you are most likely to act on your impulses during this time. Astrologically, no other planet is as influential as the Jupiter.

Mars moving in is an indication of improvement in communication or new channels of communication opening up for you. You will be impressed with how efficiently things fall into place and you are once again in control of your personal relationships. You must at all times clear specify what it is that you want from others and by clearly communicating, you will be in a better position to stay clear of misunderstandings.

Saturn in Astrology is a planet that is referred to as the 'hard task master'. It is known for adding responsibilities to your existing work load. Overwork is likely when Saturn makes a move into your chart. There's an astrological belief that those born under the influence of Saturn are very hard working and determined to achieve their targets.

Due to combined influence of all these major planets, expect August to be nothing short of dramatic. You are in for a roller coaster ride and most of you will remember this month for its many ups and downs. By taking advantage of the opportunities that you get you will find things to be smooth sailing for you. Your emotions will need a bit of controlling from your end. The days ahead are likely to be hectic, especially for those of you who belong to the zodiac signs Aries, Libra, Capricorn and Virgo.

August 2012 will also be significant for some of you in terms of monetary benefits. You will be glad to receive an extra income. This income will come to you as a result of your efforts and work that you have done with dedication. Life will be pleasant for those of you who belong to water signs. Astrologically, Pisces will see improvements in many aspects of their life and by welcoming these changes; you will see yourself starting life on a fresh note.