Monthly Tarot Horoscope for August by Mita Bhan

Tue, Jul 31, 2018
Team Astroyogi   By Team Astroyogi
Tue, Jul 31, 2018
Team Astroyogi   By Team Astroyogi
Monthly Tarot Horoscope for August by Mita Bhan

Famous Tarot Reader Mita Bhan unfolds Tarot horoscope for the month of August 2018. Read on to find out what is in store for your sign this month. Enjoy your reading! Consult Mita Bhan now on Astroyogi now!


A battle of wills. Two equally strong minded people on either side of the fence. Who’s going to win. You or him? Point is not to show aggression but to assert yourself. Arm yourself with all the facts. Knowledge is power. And you may have to prove just how you much you know in the days ahead. Even in your relationships, there may be powergames or you may act stubborn and defiant where your better half is concerned. Get over petty ego issues. It’s time to learn the art of compromise especially when it comes to our loved ones.


Something owed to you is held back. You may feel taken for granted. Or may not receive what is due to you. Examine all options and if asking for it is not working then consider a shift. Coworkers may annoy you with their petty concerns. And family members may get your goat with their ways. Remember its not them who’s going to change. It’s you. See what you can do to improve tolerance levels. Avoid stepping into the malls and markets, you may end up buying something you may regret later.


A new chapter begins. One in which you’re more grounded, practical and even more competent than before. You may demonstrate your skills before a wider audience. Or may be required to travel at a moments notice. People are beginning to talk about you. And if you’ve always been shying the spotlight, this time you may have no choice but to step into the light. Learn to receive the compliments that are coming your way. No one really knows how shy you are deep down. And they don’t really need to know either. Just keep smiling and shining. Things are only getting better.


You may find yourself more sensitive to the energies around you. Your creative side needs expression. And your moods may swing from confusion one moment to absolute joy the other. Singles may encounter romance, or a light hearted flirtation that has the potential to turn into a memorable affair. If upset with someone, the cards urge you to learn the power of forgiveness. Work matters run smoothly and if you were planning to invest this month may see the beginnings of greater prosperity coming your way.


A decision needs to be made. Use logic and facts to help you. Find the whole truth in the matter and see where you may have gone wrong in case of a misunderstanding or a dispute. Try not to be too judgemental of your coworkers, they’re human too and are fighting their own battles. Delays surround matters concerning legal cases and debts. Prepare to be patient. And use this time for research, analysis and fact finding. A charming, diplomatic admirer may soon come your way.


Something needs to change. Could it be you? Your job? Your relationship or your atitude? And if you resist it, the change could take place suddenly out of the blue where you will have very little control. For a few moments it may feel like total chaos, but beneath the madness something new and positive is emerging. Try not to over react to unexpected challenges, instead seek the hidden blessings. In the long run you will be thankful for the upheaval that may be ahead.


A message comes your way to stay open to the world around you. New opportunies may be coming your way, either professionally or personally. You may be full of ideas and it’s time to note them all down before you forget. Optimistic and raring to go, others will sense your renewed energies. And if you were planning to take a chance, go for it. A good time for travel and higher studies. Why not enrol for the weekend workshop? Or disappear for a trek? The cards promise adventure, excitement and success.


You’re tired and it’s beginning to show. Could it be because you’re doing the same old thing every single day, or could it be because you are allowing your own self to stagnate. What you need is a break. Rest, recuperate and recharge your energies. If you’ve been unable to come up with a solution to a problem, perhaps it’s time to look at your own limitations and see how you can change from within. Expect delays in work related matters. And if you’ve been waiting to change jobs, it may take a little longer.


Whatever you’re afraid of is not coming true. Quit worrying about the uncontrollables and realise that this phase is simply a test. Face your fears head on, how would you behave if your fear came true? Work on your courage. In personal matters a third party may interfere and cause trouble. Instead of feeling sorry for yourself realise it’s time to stand up for yourself and fight for what’s worth fighting for. No point running around in circles is there?


Clarity after confusion. Breathe a sigh of relief as a problem gets resolved. Find the truth to a situation and feel liberated. The cards promise liberation and freedom from something that once troubled you. A good time to roll up your sleeves and finish all pending jobs and chores. It may appear like an endless task, but once you get going, things will happen in no time. An old friend may seek you out for advice. A social gathering or party may be a good time to rejuvenate yourself and remember at the end of the day it’s our loved ones who really, truly matter the most.


A part of you doesn’t want to see the truth. You may be imagining something about someone. Separate fantasy from illusion. Take a reality check. And concentrate only on what’s clear and essential. Your sleep may be restless or disturbed because you’re thinking too much. Yoga, meditation, massage may be good to calm your nerves, especially if you’ve been a little scattered of late. If you’ve been confused about a special someone in your life, trust your intuition, or better still ask your mother what she feels about him or her. Remember, mothers do know best! 


You’re entering into a new cycle of life. A part of you has grown up. And a part of you has seen the world in a new light. Prepare for a new phase where opportunities for growth and learning open up in a myriad of ways. Lady Luck smiles upon you and you may just get that job you’ve been eyeing. Married couples hit the jackpot or can look forward a sudden windfall. Singles enjoy a period of great popularity and attention. You’re shining now, enjoy it while it lasts! 


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