Monthly Tarot Forecast for October 2016 by Mita Bhan

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Team Astroyogi By Team Astroyogi
Monthly Tarot Forecast for October 2016 by Mita Bhan

Celebrity Tarot Card Reader - Mita Bhan brings you tarot predictions for the month of October 2016. Read what your sign has in store for you this month. Enjoy your reading.


If you’re feeling frustrated about something, perhaps it’s time to learn the lesson of patience. Hold on to your impulses. Exercise a bit more self-control. And wait till the situation clears up a little. Relationships feel stifling or you may be just bored with the routine. How about bringing in some positive change in your life. Join the dance class you’ve been eyeing. Or just head to the spa for some much-needed rest and rejuvenation? Not a month to stay at home, the cards urge you to get out more and reconnect with people from your past. Good news may be in the offing. Look forward to a pleasant surprise (or two!)


Life is asking you to learn to be more versatile and flexible. And the faster you learn to adapt to changing circumstances, the better it will be for you. Expect routines to go haywire and plans to change at a moment’s notice. A move is indicated either job wise or home wise. Even in your personal life, you may notice your mate has changed or your children suddenly grow up. How will you keep up with them if you don’t change yourself?

Do keep a close eye on the health of a family member. They may be ignoring symptoms or just keeping quiet. Nothing serious, but a timely check-up will definitely help them.


After a whirlwind past few weeks time to slow down and bring back the routine in your life. Get things organised again. Clean up a few wardrobes. Empty out your desk. And clear the clutter. To invite new energies into your life you will first need to clear up the old. A good time to begin a diet or fitness regime, the results will be slow but sure this time. Resolve to take more care of your health. And see how your body begins to respond to your decision. Personal relationships are smooth and the bonds are strong. Remember, the secret to any connection is communication. So keep talking and listening.


At times you can be a little too naive with other people. Learn to be a little more guarded with what you say and who you trust. At work the more self-reliant you are the better (and safer) you will be. Someone may be dishonest with you and it’s better to be careful than hurt later. An ailing parent may act difficult. And if you were planning to go on a holiday expect delays. A good time to start saving or investing.


The same old faces and the same old places. Kinda gets boring doesn’t it? How about bringing in some newness into your life. Hang out with a different crowd? Join a new club? Do something to reach out to absolute newness. If the job is getting to you, you may like to update your resume and consider a totally different industry. Someone may offer you a job or an opportunity that could change your world. Open your mind to different viewpoints.  The more comfortable you are with your own inner self and all its contradictions the better your relationships with others will be.

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A part of you is tired of playing the people pleaser and the diplomat. You may suddenly choose to tell people exactly what you think of them. Be prepared for a few looks of utter surprise as you go on an honesty mission. Just remember not to go overboard. An impulse decision may lead to regrets. And if you are rushing to meet a deadline make sure to double check for errors. A week of action and productivity, you may get a lot of things done. Remember to slow down now to re-energise yourself! An old flame may pop up from nowhere for one last fling or closure. The ball will be in your court. Listen to your heart for the answers.


Encounters with people become very lively this week. New relationships may take place which may be totally different from anything you have experienced before. Open your mind to differing points of view. And realise that you may be attracting a new circle of friends and colleagues who could be unusual or at times downright weird.The emphasis of the first week is on freedom, spontaneity and doing things you wouldn’t normally do. Before you get carried away with the wackiness of the days ahead remember not to get into any binding agreements or commitments till you sober down later.


This is a time of huge responsibilities and hard work. Results will be slow but sure. And do realise though it may seem back breaking at times, all this is shaping your success story. Avoid taking on projects that don’t directly influence or involve you at this moment. As it is you have enough to do. Family may make a lot of demands on your time. Politely but firmly buy time from them. Monetary gains are indicated. And an investment begins to reap rewards. Slow and steady does the win the race! 


Your creative juices are flowing again. A part of you wants to sing, dance, draw again. What stops you? A job or assignment may ignite your spark again and if all goes well this could be an enlivening and electrifying week for SagitTarians. A social outing could be the meeting point for someone who could play a very significant role in your life. Your children may surprise you with their talents. And if you’d been wondering about a delayed payment, wait no further.


Whatever you do, just keep your cool. Staying calm and patient is the key to rising above any conflict or confusion in the days ahead. Just because someone’s provoking you doesn’t mean you have to react. Learn the power of silence. And realise that this is simply a test, the rewards will soon follow. You may begin to get second thoughts about a special somebody and ask for time out to examine what is really going on. Avoid lashing out on loved ones, better to retreat and ask for space.


Whatever you do right now will yield results in the long term. Every soul you meet now could be a potential ally or supporter someday. A business partnership turns out to be highly successful. And in the personal sphere, a special someone may propose. Watch out for impulse shopping. And if you were planning to move house you may begin the process of house hunting and even finalise a place in the days ahead. Your teamwork skills are being tested and if you are able to tolerate differences you will pass with flying colours. Romance may soon be in the air for singles.


When it comes to learning you are a topper! And I don’t mean just studies. It could be a skill, a spiritual lesson or simply a deeper understanding of your world. You’re moving up the ladder quickly with your alertness and your willingness to learn. Every experience is shaping the soul that you are. If you’ve just joined a job ask for more responsibilities. And if you’re job hunting opt for something you’d love to learn more about. Friendships get deeper in this period. And you may find yourself wanting to commit to someone. Marriage is also on the cards for those single and looking.