Monthly Tarot Forecast for March, 2016 by Mita Bhan

Tue, Mar 01, 2016
Team Astroyogi   By Team Astroyogi
Tue, Mar 01, 2016
Team Astroyogi   By Team Astroyogi
Monthly Tarot Forecast for March, 2016 by Mita Bhan

Celebrity astrologer Mita Bhan unfolds Tarot Readings for the month of March, 2016. Let's see what the cards reveal for your sun sign:


You're done with tying up the loose ends and clearing up old karma. March marks the beginning of a new phase in your life that's going to gradually usher in prosperity and good luck your way. Now's the time to busy yourself in practical, material matters and get things organised. Work load may increase over the following months and it would be wise to get prepared. Relationships may take a back seat as you find you have less patience and tolerance for fake and superficial encounters. Health is good. And if you're thinking of making an investment you may just finalise matters this March.


It's good to hold on to the tried and the tested but it's better to be open minded. Allow yourself to be the listener this month. Keep an open mind and absorb all the new ideas, views and developments coming your way. Remember security is all an inside job. The more secure you are about who you are and what you've done, the less you will need to hold on so tightly. Freedom may be an issue in your personal relationships. A loved one may resent your possessiveness. Watch out for needless greed and overindulgence. Time to stick to your diet if you aren't already.


There's a fine line between madness and genius. What may look like a wonderful new idea to you may appear unrealistic to many. Take frequent reality checks and stay grounded. Don't run away with your fears. And do not allow toxic people to come too close. By now you would have understood that at the end of the day its all about finding a sense of inner calm and balance. Withdraw from loud, noisy places and people if it's getting to you. Your instincts may be heightened. Keep a dream journal by your bed and pay attention to your dreams. A close friendship could develop into something deeper. Someone could disclose their feelings for you.


Personal relationships may be a bit rocky in the weeks ahead. Watch out for sudden misunderstandings and mood swings. Remain clear in your communications with others and try to not take everything that is said too personally. Delays surround your quest to find the perfect one but don't get disheartened. Sometime its better to wait for the right person than settle for the wrong one in haste. Work may be frustrating in parts and a long standing project may get necessarily delayed or shelved due to unforeseen circumstances. A reunion with old friends will be very therapeutic.

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An important decision will be taken this month. Once you've done it you will feel a sense of relief. Remember you are responsible for your state of mind. Allow nothing and no one to influence you with their own vested interests. Trouble may be brewing in the team and you may fall prey to the designs of a manipulative individual. Family matters stay harmonious and if single, a special person may woo you with their intelligence and wit. Just be careful not to overindulge in the good stuff, health may need special attention towards the end of the month.


You've reached your saturation point about something and you'll find yourself just walking away.  A rift could widen. It could be a relationship that's draining you. Or a job that's getting nowhere. Or a state of mind. A part of you learns to detach, move on and make life better for yourself. It may be a bit of a struggle initially but eventually you will realise it was the best path to take. Financially a good month, you may indulge in some pampering. Go on and do what's best for you. At the end of the day you understand you have to be your own best friend and ally.


Don't get sucked into the petty drama and politics of those around you. Stay neutral. And do what is right. A malicious woman may blame you for something which you havent done. Stay calm despite the provocations. At work there may be a misunderstanding which will get sorted but only after a lot of confusion. The health of a loved one may be cause for concern but with timely treatment all should go well. A surprise visit from a special person may brighten up your day. And if you were waiting for a payment or some money, it will arrive.


Time to shed the baggage and start afresh. You may relocate, move jobs or choose to get married. A major step will be taken in the positive direction. Your health could be your focus and you may choose to alter your lifestyle completely. A good month to give up bad habits, the energies around you are positive. Work wise there is reward, recogntion and accolades for your team so make sure everyone's on their toes and motivated. A sudden expense on maintenance and repairs may take you off guard. Ensure you double-check all documents carefully.


You may still be in denial about something that's obvious to everyone around you. Open your mind and listen to someone else's advice for a change. You don't always have to be right. Sometimes all you need is to listen. Especially to what's not being said. Trust your instincts about an employee or a coworker.  On the personal front expect a memorable celebration or reunion. An old sweetheart may get in touch with you, or  you may find yourself getting nostalgic about the good old days. A good month for giving and receiving gifts and money.


Something may have been making you uneasy in the past few weeks and its time to address it. Instead of suppressing your feelings, learn to express them. Meditation will be very beneficial along with some quiet "me" time to introspect. All the answers you need are already inside you.  If you're bored and restless about your work, the cards urge you to follow your heart and pursue your passions. Or build up a hobby again. A good month to learn a new skill or join a workshop, put on your thinking cap and start learning again. A special someone in your life may need extra attention or pampering.


Loyalty and dedication come into the forefront in the weeks ahead. Either you may question the loyalty of those around you or search within your heart. You may discover feelings have changed towards a certain person and may distance yourself from toxic relationships. At work too, a new project or idea may keep you working till late in the night. Income increases and you may think about adding another source of income. A good month for long term planning, investments now will pay off well in the long run.


A mixed bag of a month for Pisceans. Some great news and some great challenges ahead. Moods will swing from high to low as well. So be prepared for the ride ahead. Staying calm will allow you to sail the stormy days and the celebrations ahead. Your hard work pays off and people begin to notice your efforts. Group activities are favoured and will be good for you. Don't promise more than you can deliver. And make note of everything as you may be forgetful. A secret admirer may reveal themselves or you may find yourself attracted to someone who's not your usual type.

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