Monthly Tarot Forecast For February 2018 by Astroyogi

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Team Astroyogi By Team Astroyogi
Monthly Tarot Forecast For February 2018 by Astroyogi

Celebrity Tarot Reader Mita Bhan unfolds Tarot forecast for the month of February 2018. Read on to find out what is in store for your sign this month. Enjoy your reading! 


 Don’t look back. You’re advancing in the right direction. And all the decisions you’ve taken are the right ones. This is not a time for going back on your word or rethinking things. Just keep moving. If you were planning to go solo or start your own business or consultancy, things may work out sooner than you think. Singles may get engaged during this period. All partnerships and new ventures are favourable right now. Just make sure you don’t splurge or spend your savings recklessly.


 Someone may be trying to control you or force you to change your opinions. It could be a family member or a boss. Before you cave in, speak out and stand up for yourself. A situation at home may get tense and may need to be talked about. Sweeping things under the carpet doesn’t mean a solution has been found. Take issues head on and resolve to clear them up once and for all. A good month for research and getting to the bottom of things. Don't waste time on unnecessary activities.


 Wow. You can make magic by just being who you are. Believe in your talents and get out and show them. You may dazzle your audience at a presentation, or win the favours of an influential person by the wealth of your mind. A new partnership or alliance could be in the offing. If you were planning to tie the knot soon, how does tomorrow sound! Just prepare yourself for the sudden turn of events, all favourable of course! 


 Worrying needlessly about money matters doesn’t help. Sort out your paperwork and get organized instead. If you’ve overspent, find ways to save in the months ahead. And if you’re worrying about whether you will get that job or not, don’t give up hope. Friends and family will come forward and support you with inspiring advice. Do listen to their words of wisdom. Things will get better, but first, you will need to get organized.


 There’s something you need to remember. It could be the key to the situation you’re in. Trust your gut feeling about someone or something. Take time out for meditation and introspection. A vital truth is about to be revealed that could change your life in many ways. Someone who appeared to be interesting may turn out to be quite a bore, or worse, a pain in the neck. Don’t give too much of yourself before understanding who you are giving to. Disconnect from relationships that have turned toxic.


 You may have had enough of socializing and partying. Go on and take out time for yourself. Recharge your batteries. Reformulate your plans. And rethink your life. A relationship that was giving problems may improve if you take time away from each other. Even giving your spouse space may bring in some fresh energies into your life. If you’re feeling bored and stifled, ask yourself why and do something about it. A good month for learning a new hobby or skill.


 Watch your health. Stress levels may go up this month especially in the workplace. Tempers may run high and an innocent remark could escalate into a full-blown argument. Walk away before you explode. Someone you thought you could trust turns out to be completely fake. Avoid borrowing or lending money in this period. And if you were planning to take a holiday, you may have to postpone your plans. Seek advice from a trusted source if you've been struggling too long with a recurring issue.


 If you’re normally impatient then expect a testing period.  Count to 10 and expect delays. People may annoy you with their tardiness. And family may just get your goat with their quirks. While you’re brewing inside do remember to do something about the stress levels. Go for a walk or a jog. Or just head to the spa. The world needs your talents now and you cant afford to let anyone down. Financially things begin to look brighter and you may consider investing in something new.


 Arent, you tired of doing things for everyone but yourself?. You may find people are taking advantage of your generosity and niceness this month and decide to hold back. Do that, especially if you know they’re using you consciously. A good time to detach yourself from people and situations that just aren’t worth it. Use this time to recuperate and pamper yourself. Children will be a source of joy. And someone in the family may bring some wonderful news.


 Things begin to get better ever so gradually. Learn to not get carried away with emotions. Energies are slowly transforming and soon you can expect some positive changes around you. Something you’ve been struggling for a while with does get resolved. A misunderstanding gets sorted. And an old friend from the past reconnects with you. Charitable work will bring hidden blessings from the Universe in your direction.


 The cards urge you to open your mind and take a risk. Even if it means giving up something realize that in the long run, you will benefit from this leap. It could be accepting a job in a totally different industry. Or committing yourself to someone who’s your opposite. Don’t hold back. Speak out your doubts and go and take that leap of faith. A great phase is about to begin that will see you at your most magnetic and adventurous. Don't let your fears of failure hold you back.


 Your dreamy side gets activated in the days ahead. And you may find yourself in some sort of fantasy land as well. Don’t get carried away and remember to keep yourself grounded as well. A chance encounter with an attractive stranger could lead to a crush of a lifetime or a romance. You decide. The health of a family member could cause some concern, don’t worry, they will recuperate. Students will need to put in extra effort to get the marks they want. And if seeking a promotion at the workplace, find out what is expected of you and deliver.

Tarot Reader Mita Bhan