Mercury turns direct, April 23rd 2011

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Team Astroyogi By Team Astroyogi
Mercury turns direct, April 23rd 2011

Soon, it will be the end of bad times and everything that will happen will turn out to be good. With Mercury turning direct, you can bid adieu to all that is bad in your life and just get ready to welcome all the good things that will now be happening in your life.

You have had enough of miscommunications, tussles, several flaws, problems in personal and professional life, heartaches, etc., etc. Think over it, why had it all happened? Well, blame it on Mercury going retrograde. When Mercury is in retrograde, anything you try turns futile. It's not a good time to start a new project. It is, basically, a time to have a reality check. This is a great time to review, reassess and do some evaluation. Work on to bring some changes in your daily routine, if you are not happy with what has been happening.

The planet Mercury represents the principles of communication, reasoning, mentality, adaptability and variability. And when Mercury turns direct on 23rd April, 2011, things will start clicking for you all over again. Everything will fall into set patterns. You will be able to bridge any communication gap. There will be interactions with people who will prove beneficial to you. If you are thinking of taking up any new venture, then this would be the ideal period to go for it. Students will do well in their studies. Married couples and love birds will have moments to treasure.

Several opportunities will come your way to move ahead in your career. Clarity of thought, excellent communication skills, innovative and brilliant ideas will mark this period. Money and fame are also on the cards. There will be a sudden surge in your business and career. Over all, the period will be very rewarding.