Mercury Turning Direct in Capricorn

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Team Astroyogi By Team Astroyogi
Mercury Turning Direct in Capricorn

Mercury would turn direct/progressive in Capricorn on 21-02-21 and thereby it would influence the same results it delivered when it entered Capricorn on 05-02-21. When a planet turns direct after experiencing retrogression then it revisits all the aspects related to it and the events related with it.

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Likewise education pursuits, study related matters, intellectual tendencies, competitive exams, academic studies and higher level learning are very likely to be influenced. Negotiations, fresh deals at work, price based discussions, trading and merchandising related activities are also likely to get influenced. Technology and research based areas are very likely to get influenced by this movement and it is more likely to deliver positive results.

The maternal side of the relatives is likely to get influenced and more likely your maternal uncle/aunt can feel some prominent changes in their lives.

Mercury in Capricorn would be influenced by Saturn and Jupiter. Jupiter’ association may not be very appreciating in nature but Saturn is likely to yield positive influence. Mercury as a whole being a natural benefic planet is likely to cause favourable changes in almost everyone’ life due to this progressive movement. Mercury governs intellect and Jupiter on the other hand governs wisdom so there can be bouts of dilemma while dealing in a particular situation. You need to be extra meticulous while choosing between intellect and wisdom. By way of Saturn’ influence your thought process would become practical in nature. Natives born under Moon sign of Capricorn, Aries, Taurus, Cancer, Libra and Scorpio are more likely to get influenced due to this movement.

The natives born under Gemini, Leo and Aquarius Moon sign need to be alert with regards to starting up with some new activity or incurring a capital expenditure. It is also advisable to stay away from windfall gain delivering activities. Speculative activities may attract your attention and you may also have some initial gains but the long term influence is likely to lead to losses.

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Likewise the native born under Aries and Capricorn Moon sign are likely to be more successful in literary pursuits and writing. They are also likely to be influential in expressing themselves in front of the authority so it can be a good time to present yourself in front of them and take the future events in you’re your favour. In case there are some court related matters pending for you then this time can turn a few important things in your favour. As such the court proceedings are likely to go in your favour.

Natives born under Gemini need to be alert on the networking and the social circle they are involved in. There can be odd situations of public image disgrace or scandalous event coming your way that can tarnish your image so you need to be extra alert while getting into different situations. Stay very alert while dealing with individuals in tender age otherwise they can lead you to unwanted and uncalled for situations.


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