Mercury Transit in Taurus and Its Impact on You

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Mercury Transit in Taurus and Its Impact on You

In Vedic Astrology, the planet Mercury is among one the most eminent of the nine planets where wisdom, speech and communication are represented well. The planet Mercury is beneficial for all the individuals born under this sign. There are at times although when the planet Mercury comes close to malefic planets then there can be occurrences of bad consequences. The planet Mercury rules over the zodiac signs Gemini and Virgo. It is significant in the areas of intelligence, logicality and rationality. For the year of 2020, the planet Mercury will transit on May 9th and will remain there until 24th May. Let us take a look at how this transit will influence each of the zodiac signs. For a detailed and personalized horoscope analysis, consult our expert astrologers online now!



The planet Mercury will transit into the 2nd house where individuals will see a significant improvement in their speech qualities. This improvement in speech will greatly support individuals at their workplace or even for interviews or any sort of situation where the conversational ability is put to test. However, it is also advised to watch what one speaks as there is a chance to spill some bitter words out. Financially, the situation will be stable and one might even get profits from inheritances and past investments. Relationships will require some quality time to be set aside. Health-wise, individuals will feel energetic and sudden surges of power as well, which can be directed to working out at the gym or playing some sports.



With the planet Mercury transiting into the 1st house, it can influence one’s life in numerous ways. Individuals will find that their conversational skills are highly impressive as well as possessing an attractive personality. Individuals will be kind, soft-spoken and polite and even liberal during this transit. Relationships will be at an all-time high with happiness and love overflowing. At the workplace, it will be best if one can stay away from silly politics and gossip. Health-wise, individuals will feel at their best and full of vigour and strength.



The planet Mercury will transit into the 12th house where it indicates that individuals may undergo some stress. It is advised not to indulge oneself into work too much as there may be a chance of physical stress arising out of it. Financially, the situation will be stable but individuals will experience an increase in expenditure. Travelling abroad for pleasure with loved ones is forecasted to happen soon. At the workplace, it is all smooth sailing unless there is some pending work remaining.



The planet Mercury will transit into the 11th house where it is indicated that individuals will gain financial benefits through foreigners or foreign connections. Relationships will be filled with peace and harmony as well as lots of support for any ventures. However, it is advised to avoid any gaps in communication with your loved ones. At the workplace, conversing with the superiors for insights and utilizing the ideas will go a long way for climbing the ladder.

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With the planet Mercury transiting into the 10th house, it is indicated that this transit would have significant impacts on the individual’s life. The level of intellect would increase for the individuals and will significantly help one’s performance in the workplace. Creating rapport with the seniors will go a long way to even the extension of important favours. Peace and harmony will prevail in romantic life and the household. Health-wise, it is advised that playing outdoor sports regularly or working out at the gym on a constant basis is unquestionably beneficial and will certainly go a long way for one’s health. Financially, things will be stable and smooth where investments in properties or assets are also encouraged.



With the planet Mercury transiting into the 9th house where it will result in long-term travelling. It is advised that one considers changing the place of work. Individuals will experience that one’s social status and prestige increasing whereby one would earn name and recognition. Individuals would immerse in virtuous deeds. Relationship-wise, the individuals are fine and can achieve bliss. Health-wise, individuals will face some minor issues which can be checked out by the doctor.



The planet Mercury transits into the 8th house, whereby individuals can face unexpected losses. Individuals might have an urge to learn new things whereby one would indulge in spiritualism and occultism. Inheritances are bound to come one’s way and will be extremely fruitful. Relationships will require more clarity and attention to details so as to carry on importantly. Health-wise, individuals will be fit and strong, however, it is advised to work out regularly and keep oneself fit.



With the planet Mercury into transit to the 7th house, individuals may be subjected to confusion and bewilderment because of one’s speech. Relationships will require a strong communication skill to be adopted otherwise misunderstandings will be sprouting up. It is advised to not involve in any expenditures. It is however advised to use your politeness and conversational abilities to gain new friends and partnerships. Individuals may face some issues with health where it is advised to get it checked and precautions to be taken. Financially, individuals will be stable and steadily gain in past and recent investments.

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With the planet Mercury transiting into the 6th house, individuals may find themselves embroiled in disputes or debates. There will be a rise in expenditure which can lead to a tight financial situation. Individuals will perform well at work and gain benefits as well as receive support to a promotion at the workplace. Relationship-wise, everything will be smooth and at peace. Travelling is forecasted to happen soon for pleasure. Health-wise, individuals will need to check in with a doctor for a full checkup in order to take any precautions.



Being that the planet Mercury will transit into the 5th house where individuals will feel an increased intellectual level which when properly applied will lead to high levels of profit. There is a high probability of one going for higher education and learning new knowledge. Singles will experience new love life and it will look promising and practical. Married people will find rejuvenation in their relationship by travelling abroad for adventure. Moreover, individuals will experience bliss through communication and significant exchange of thoughts.



The planet Mercury will transit into the 4th house where the individuals can get startling and abrupt gains. Individuals will be prone to health issues where it is advised to go for a full checkup with the doctor to take the necessary precautions. At the workplace, one will experience strong competition and hurdles put across by them which can be overcome with determination. Romantic relations will be happy and smooth with all the happiness overflowing. Financially, it is advised not to make any investments of any sort. 



With the planet Mercury transiting into the 3rd house, individuals will feel a significant increase in their determination and willpower. Communication skills will improve and will certainly be beneficial. Financially, there are a lot of scopes if one just puts their mind to it. Travelling short distances is also seen in the forecast. Individuals will be generous and very helpful. Relationships will require more attention and care and quality time to be spent together. At the workplace, it is advised to complete tasks well before the deadlines in order to make an impression. Health-wise, it is recommended to get a full-body check-up in order to take any precautions if needed.