Mercury Transit in Pisces

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Mercury Transit in Pisces

The Mercury transit on the 12th of April is bound to have its impact on one’s intelligence, analytical ability, education, and communication skills according to astrology. The effects of this transit are different for each zodiac sign. Open communication and expression are essential for maintaining harmony in life during this time period. Be wary of your written and verbal communication during this time period. Read on to learn the impacts of this Mercury transit on each of the twelve zodiac signs.

(Predictions are based on moon sign)


You will be happy to find that your intellectual abilities have improved and this will significantly help in your performance in the workplace. Forging a friendly and personal relationship with the senior officials will go a long way to even the extension of important favors. Your domestic and romantic life will be blessed with peace and harmony. From a health perspective, it is advised that playing outdoor sports regularly or working out at the gym on a constant basis will prevent diseases and also maintain positivity in your life.


This transit would have significant impacts in those aspects of your life which are governed by Mercury.  Your intellectual prowess will be enhanced by the transit and this is going to enhance your productivity at work front. Creating rapport with your seniors at the office is very important during this time period. Be confident and pleasant when you are dealing with them,  never shy away from an opportunity to bond with them. Your romantic and domestic life will be blessed with peace and harmony. You have to give space for exercise in your schedule and during this transit, there are chances that you will meet some new people who can be your gym or jogging partner.

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Your intellectual skills will definitely be enhanced by this transit and this will give you an edge in academics and work front. You will be surprised by the number of compliments you will be receiving from colleagues and friends regarding your skill sets and talents. However, it is also advised to be mindful of what you speak as there is a chance that you might hurt someone deeply with your words. Financially, the situation will be stable and you might even get monetary gains from ancestral inheritances and past investments. Relationships will demand time and your emotional availability Health will be normal and you will feel energetic.


Investments in land and real estate during this time period will reap in significant profits. You should weigh your words before letting them out during your interaction with your spouse or partner. Things at work front will be solid and you will continue to be gold. You might have some difficulties in concentrating and focusing, in such cases take a break, relax and distress before continuing. You can achieve any big goal with your diligence and determination. Students need to stay immune to distractions; clarity of thought and keeping proper track of their progress will help them in doing that.


You will see a sharp increase in your expenses during this time period, but you will be able to close loans and debts as planned even if you have to make some compromises. It is an absolute necessity to take care of your health and you should not be having a lackluster attitude towards this department, whereby it is advised to keep yourself active and fit to be beneficial in the long run. Single natives may find a romantic prospect and the procrastination about a possible affair will take up a lot of mental real estate. It is better to express your heart’s desire at the earliest so that your intentions are clear.


If you are suffering from any type of physical ailment during this time period then it is strongly advised to get proper medical attention to ensure. There are prominent indications that you will be receiving some financial gains from ancestral properties or some other form of investment. You need to speed up certain tasks which you have undertaken at the workplace and have been delayed due to deficiency of your indulgence. There will be harmony and bliss in your romantic life and the same goes for married natives.


During this time period, you will get opportunities to learn new skills at work which may lead to a benefitting change in your job profile as well. Do not let go of such opportunities and be prompt to respond in any such situations. At work front, all you need to take care is that anything that goes out of your desk should be of quality. You don’t have to plan any gimmicks of self-promotion or publicity, they are already watching you. If you get a chance to showcase your talents in social gatherings, you may impress someone very special.

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It would the ideal time for giving your best shot in the competition if you have saved the best the reserves for the latter part of the race. You definitely have an edge over the competition, just need to convince yourself. You would become very competitive at work front and your success would be proportionate to your hard work. With this transit, your luck quotient would rise, and the more you indulge in the chase for your goals the more you will achieve. Bachelors will get some much-anticipated attention from the opposite sex during this time period.


Your investments will yield great profits during the Mercury transit to Pisces. You have already learned the lesson that putting all your eggs in one basket is a risky game, diversify your investment portfolio and explore new opportunities. Entrepreneurs planning a startup might come across a brilliant business plan. Make sure that you drill down the plan to its minute detail to eliminate any possible loopholes. Expert opinion on the matter will always help.


Dear Capricorn, you may have a tendency to act over smart during this time period as it can harm your impression, be reasonable and polite in your dealings. Your ability to express your thoughts with utmost clarity and to stay organized will be appreciated at work. Official travel would deliver the desired results. It is the perfect time to get in touch with influential people and to build your rapport with them. A family trip to a religious shrine with during this time period is a good idea.


Your surging level of intellect during this time period will reflect in your work and interaction with others. You will understand the necessity of employing your funds to earn more money for you. Rather than just saving and meeting expenses your financial portfolio will be considering investments with good returns. On the romantic front friction with your better half is indicated, but nothing which you cannot handle.


You need to take good care of your health during this time period. You are advised to work out and follow a healthy diet. During this Mercury transit a probing attitude that may not yield any good results. Investments may not yield good returns in short term but will prove to be beneficial in the long run. It is only wise not to express unnecessary opinions about events that don’t really affect you. The general vibe at home will be peaceful and you will appreciate the support you get from your family and spouse.

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