Mercury Transit from Aquarius to Pisces

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Mercury Transit from Aquarius to Pisces

The planet Mercury represents knowledge, leadership, wisdom, speech and intellect. Mercury is a conflation of being neutral, convertible and cold. Natives who get touched by this energy will feel connected with their nature of work or talent. The planet Mercury will transit on March 3rd. Our own expert Astroyogi Astrologers have conveyed the message for each zodiac sign.

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Aries: Mercury is in the twelfth house and indicates your expenditure will be on the rise. Natives will be feeling distant and aloof from social activities. Your health requires attention, joining a dance class or sports group will certainly keep away any unwanted ailments. Natives will sense some level of bitterness as well as sweetness in their romantic relationships. At the workplace, it is advised to stay away from foul-mouthed people and focus on your work.

Taurus: Planet Mercury is in the eleventh house and your relationship with your spouse or lover will be cordial and sweet. Natives who are moving abroad for work or education will find it quite smooth and be blending well. Keeping up your regular dose of workout will keep your health intact and your weight in control. You will find new responsibilities in the workplace which will be highly regarded by colleagues.

Gemini: The Planet Mercury is in the tenth house which shows that you may face some difficulties or challenges at work. With a focused mind, natives can turn these challenges into profits and even promotions. Your financial stability will be steady and smooth. Romance is in the air and it is great time to go for your own romantic trip to another country. Gifts given by surprise will also go a long way.

Cancer: Being that mercury comes in the ninth house, natives can face challenges in every aspect of life. It may seem like the world is out to annoy you, therefore, it is advised to be calm. Take care of your health by going for long walks on a regular basis. Your romantic relationship will face some turbulence with ups and downs. Short distance trips are also forecasted.

Leo: Mercury is in the eighth house where it is indicated that there will be a substantial influx of monetary gain. At the workplace, you will be in tune and checking-off all your to-do lists. In social norms, you will find fame and name. If channelized properly, you can reap profits as well through this. You will need to continue your regular exercises or strenuous activities so as to keep healthy. It will be all smooth sailing in your romantic relations. Travelling abroad for work or education will be challenging yet adventurous and successful.

Virgo: With Planet Mercury in the seventh house, natives will face challenges in the workplace. You will experience potential delays in your work. Take care of your health by not taking in too much stress. It is advised to do some yoga and play some light sport if possible. Investments of any sort are not recommended right now. You will find peace with your romantic partner or spouse and be happy with what you both achieved in combined efforts. Celebrate it with some fervour.

Consult our expert Astrologers for a personalised horoscope analysis in the light of this Mercury transit to learn more about the changes it would bring about in your life. Click here to consult now!

Libra: As Mercury is in the sixth house, natives will experience some setbacks as well as gains. Financial strength will grow stronger with benefits pouring in from past investments. You will feel energetic and be radiant. You will likely face competition in the workplace but keep doing whatever you do and focus on that. Romantic relations will be cordial and deep conversations can take place.

Scorpio: With Mercury coming in the fifth house, you may not achieve the expected results in your workplace. You may be disappointed with your partner's lack of enthusiasm. You may remain in a state of confusion with making decisions. Your financial situation will also be a rollercoaster ride, it is advised to keep expenses to a minimum. You will be energetic but it is recommended to conduct routine checkups.

Sagittarius: As Mercury comes in the fourth house, the chances of prospering in life is on a high. Your romantic partner or spouse will be very generous and in a great romantic mood. At the workplace, you can find yourself rising up to the occasion where responsibility was required earning yourself a promotion or raise. Eat light and exercise regularly to keep yourself fit. Investments in real estate or antiques will be greatly rewarding in the future.

Capricorn: The planet Mercury comes in the third house and indicates you may be involved in rifts with family members. It is advised to remain calm and composed. You may also find yourself facing some financial difficulties. It is also advised to cut down rich and heavy food so as to keep your weight in check. You will find out that your loved one or spouse is arranging a surprise party for you. It will be a good way to relax and socialize with new people as well.

Aquarius: With Mercury in the second house, you will find yourself money-starved. Controlling your expenditures will go a long way. Your communication talent will be top notch. Being fit and energetic will help you in the long run. Your romantic relations will be sailing smoothly with smiles. At the workplace, tensions may arise with certain over-indulging colleagues. It is advised to remain calm and composed.

Pisces: As Mercury is in your own first house, your expenditures will be on a high. You have to take care of your health by doing a sporting activity on a regular basis. You will get good opportunities to travel with your loved one or spouse abroad to dream destinations. There can be times where you face some rocky sides to your romantic relation or spouse. It is advised to take things slow so as to avoid any unwanted confrontation. You may find yourself out of sync at the workplace, it is advised to collect your thoughts and continue with your work once you are centred and focused.