Mercury Opposite Uranus, September 30

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Team Astroyogi By Team Astroyogi
Mercury Opposite Uranus, September 30

Under this influence, you are easily distracted and focusing becomes an uphill task. Have you been finding it difficult to concentrate at work or is there a sense of restlessness? This happens when Mercury, the planet that rules our everyday communication and feelings is on a new transit mode. This phase begins during the last week of September, from 26- 30th September. Both planets are strong and they are known for bringing about changes which are mostly sudden in nature. Chances of mails not reaching you, messages getting lost in between – these things are all likely to happen during this Mercury opposition Uranus phase.

Misunderstandings are likely so you need to pay attention to what you say and always think before speaking. Disagreements are foreseen and you may get into an argument for no specific reason at all. Irritation, tempers flaring, restlessness and negative expressions happen due to the influence of these planets.

Uncertainty reigns on September 30. Avoid making hasty decisions that you will later regret. You could be impulsive, disorganized, or unreceptive to practical advice now. Seek solace in the company of someone who will understand you and guide you towards a more peaceful path. Avoid the company of those who tend to bring out the worst in you. You may do something you will regret for a long time.

Flashes of insight are indicated but these will be very rare. You will suddenly realise what it is that you have been doing wrong all these years. This phase gives you a chance to figure out your problems and undo the wrong. Life gets back to normal and things are just the same at home, at work and your problems no longer seem as big as they had seemed at first.