Mercury Is Back on Track After Retrogression

Thursday, April 19, 2018

Being that the planet Mercury is in retrograde motion at the moment, it will resume its normal movement by the 3rd of August. Legend has it that the planet Mercury is the progeny of the planet Jupiter and Moon whereby the characteristics of both these planets are present in Mercury. The significance of the planet Mercury is the individual’s communication skills, regimented abilities and intellect. Mercury is neutral with all planets except Moon. Certain health issues can be faced with this planet. However, the planet Mercury was in retrograde motion recently and it is returning back to normal movement .  

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Rough patches in your personal life are not a reason to blame anyone in particular except looking at planet Mercury’s way. A game of squash is played between the planet Mercury and your life and emotions which also indicates a rise in communication barriers during the phase. During the retrograde phase, which the planet Mercury is going through, it is advised to focus on what is happening in and around you whilst staying in control. Troubles in paradise are expected with relationships turning sour under the influence of the planet Mercury. Is the situation like you are being spied on for your every move?  Has he or she been acting strange and not been their regular self lately?


The most critical behaviour is to sit and reflect on thyself and your own past decisions. Examine aspects of your own life that you take for granted. This is a great time to finish all that you have started instead of beginning something completely new. The individual must avoid taking decisions as it will be at a questionable level during the Mercury retrograde. Efforts on things that need your attention and require a makeover will make you get busy as you will need to. This is the best time to move forward with your responsibilities.


What is it exactly that you do not appreciate about yourself? Therefore, it is advised to use what you already have in possession, to improve the personal space that you have. Being honest with yourself with your mistakes will make you stronger. These revelations will bring you much nearer to happiness. How kind have you been with people who are strangers than with those who you know very well? The planet Mercury will help you on this path and bless you with strength and clarity. Journeys of spirituality will bring you peace and serenity which does not mean you should go on a backpack trip up and down the whole of India to achieve this. Instead, it means to realize a deeper connection with yourself while gaining alertness and awareness. Exploration and getting to know your true self is the real thing in this phase. The results will be exceedingly rewarding. It is highly advised for office goers to postpone launching anything new during this particular phase. It is also advised to get a new haircut and a shave once this particular phase ends in favor to the concerned individuals.


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