Mercury Transit in Pisces and Its Impact

Mercury would transit to Pisces on 25th of February 2019 (Monday) at 09:05. Mercury primarily rules one’s intellect, intelligence, wit, analysing ability, education, maternal uncle and communication according to Vedic Astrology. Mercury is a neutral planet by nature and it is known to absorb the attributes of the planet it is in conjunction or contact with.

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(Predictions are based on moon sign)


This time period is best for bonding with old friends and family members. It's a fact that you often spend less time with your close ones and you have to accept it. Post the transit, give yourself a break and start to socialize again. The first week after the transit is the lucky time period, and if you are single, you might bump into your true love while you socialize!  This transit will bring you more close to people and your mental peace stays intact. You will also learn a lot, don't lose your confidence but understand that life has something grand in store for you.


The pressure on all the zodiac signs will be comprehensive during the first two weeks post the transit. The best advice from our side is to take your decisions wisely. Think positive and don't react until and unless you are sure about a particular situation. The transit can also have an effect on your mental vibes and convert them into positive energy. Your health is an important concern during this time period. It's not about being fat or thin but about being healthy internally and also staying away from diseases. During this time period try and increase your immunity. You should eat healthy and workout regularly.


Don't stress too much on trivial matters which will not have any impact on you or your goals. Rearrange your home décor for a fresh feel and vibe. Break down your goals and focus on the tiny bits, one by one. Since you had a little rough time on the romance front recently, this time period is going to be completely opposite, only if you don't let your past affect your present. Let the bygones be bygones, and give your love life a fresh start.


You will be having complete charge of your actions. Hence, it is advised that you don't get involved in too many risks while you make important decisions. This time period is lucky but only if you are wise. Any new decisions taken related to career and financial growth in this time period will reflect a fruitful result. Anything that you think needs closure, this is the time period you should start ticking them off your list.  This could be a pending payment, an incomplete conversation, a project you have undertaken, a vacation planned but never executed, etc.


This tenure is all about opportunities and financial growth. Don't squander your earnings, when you see money coming in, invest. You have to be extra careful in every front during this time period. There are chances that you make some embarrassing mistakes in your work that may tamper your carefully built reputation. So it will do good, if you become more attentive in your work. Always follow moral ethics while dealing with your partnership that your relationship is never at stake.


Your work may be questioned by your seniors during this time period. You need to acknowledge your mistake, if it is due to the lack of quality and involvement. You may also lose your temper during your interaction with your partner. The best policy is to take things easy and maintain a better relationship. Expenses may also increase during this time period.


Best thing about this transit is that your most important recourse- health will stay as good during this time period. You are going to see physical and mental growth in life and will definitely enjoy the best of it. Pregnant ladies should take extreme care of their baby bumps as there are high chances of miscarriages this year.


You will also learn a lot during this time period, don't lose your confidence but understand that life has something grand in store for you. You may find it hard to focus on your work and also find it difficult to concentrate on important issues. It would be best not to present unnecessary opinions about events or people at home as they can backfire. It would be also be wise to stay humble while dealing with family members and to listen to everyone’s viewpoints.


You would have a charm during this time period that will appear attractive to others. You would be very expressive during this tenure and it would be a good time to gain people’s favour by using effective communication skills. You will be good at maintaining close ties with your family members so enjoy the time that you spend with them. At work, there would necessarily be opportunities for cracking new deals and also to acquire fresh clients. It would be a very rewarding time for those who are pursuing higher education and some form of reward/recognition may be heading their way soon.


You are likely to turn a bit pessimistic and may also enter into a conflict with yourself. Try and seek the company of wise and learned people to have valuable advice for surviving this period. You are likely to also turn competitive and insecure during this period but your efforts may not yield desired results. Watch your back as enemies might be conspiring against you. Also, avoid debating with your superiors and colleagues otherwise it may harm your reputation.


This time period will bring lot of good things for you.  Avid planning and determination will bring things in your favor. Avoid taking major decisions during this tenure. You may encounter emotional disturbances with your partner and this will bother you. It is essential for you to handle your finances wisely. Take good  care for your health and eat good food.


This is going to be a wonderful time to enjoy with your family members and create memories. Students will enjoy a rewarding time period and you are likely to gain the favour of your faculty. You would be able to defend yourself effectively in awkward situations and win over your enemies. At work, it would be a good time to push yourself and  to create a platform for future success. Income levels are likely to improve significantly and so would your personal savings.


Trying to be over smart may harm your reputation and potential for success, so be reasonable in your dealings. At the same time, your ability to communicate and negotiate will improve considerably. Business-related travel will deliver optimal results. It appears to be a good time to get in touch with important people and take favours from them.


During this time period you are likely to get an opportunity to spend some quality time with your family, let your hair down and enjoy to the fullest. There are chances of a fruitful expenditure, so do not hesitate when you incur one even if it is significant. Your temperament would stay very poised, so get involved in important meetings and conversations to have an edge over others. You may develop an interest in occult sciences and practices, but pursue this only under a mentor.

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