May Birthstone - The Sparkling Emerald

Fri, May 01, 2020
Team Astroyogi   By Team Astroyogi
Fri, May 01, 2020
Team Astroyogi   By Team Astroyogi
May Birthstone - The Sparkling Emerald

Fortune shines upon those who are born in the month of May because they get the vivacious emerald as their birthstone. The deep green hue of emerald seems to emit a vibrant light of positivity and enthusiasm that would enrich the life of the wearer with boundless energy. Some emeralds also radiate a deep bluish tinge that further elevates the beauty of the stone. It is the color of this stone that directly relates to its value and price.  Do you want to know about the impact these birthstones will have on you? Speak to our astrologers and find out the stone that best suits your personality


The word ‘emerald’ has been derived from the Greek term ‘smaragdus’ that literally translates into English as ‘green.’ It belongs to the family of beryls, the mineral from which has evolved the beautiful aquamarine. In fact, aquamarine and emerald form such a picturesque combination that many jewelry items are made using these two stones together. 


Emerald is considered to be the gem of the goddess of fertility, Venus. The rich green color of the stone is symbolic of Spring, the season that brings with it the blooming of new flowers. It represents the rebirth of the plants that spread greenery on the surface of the earth. The harbinger of newness, this birthstone stands for the three pillars of a joyous life: fidelity, allegiance, and friendship.


According to historical accounts, emeralds were first mined in Egypt way back in 330 B.C. The most eminent historical personality who adored this gemstone was Cleopatra. Egyptians are extremely fond of emerald and apart from using it for jewelry, they use these stones in burying their dead. The Egyptian mummies are said to be buried with an emerald hung around their necks as a symbol of immortal beauty and youth. Also, their monarchs were buried with an emerald in their hands in order to protect them from the miseries of the other world.

The emerald was a hot favorite among the elites of the Victorian Era and was always used in making the traditional jewelry of the Victorian ladies. Mined in countries like Afghanistan, Brazil, Zambia, and Colombia, these gemstones are not easily available in the markets because they rarely occur in their natural form. Due to their rare existence, these gemstones have become the status symbol of the rich people and the aristocrats in today’s world.

How To Wear Emerald?

Due to its rare occurrence, emeralds are highly demanded in the market that makes it a costly stone. It is often clubbed with diamonds to make a spectacular piece of jewelry that dazzles the eyes of anyone who sees it. Emeralds are made into stud earrings, diamond and emerald bracelets, halo earrings, solitaires, pendant sets, halo rings, cluster earrings, dangle earrings and much more.

Effects of Wearing The May Birthstone:

It is believed by the ancient people that wearing an emerald enhances the perspicacity of the person and blesses the wearer with youthful liveliness and substantial riches. Wearing an emerald can soothe the senses of the person and can help strengthen the bond between partners as it promotes peace, love, and loyalty. It is said that if a person keeps the emerald under their tongue then their vision would become manifold and they would be able to see the future. It is also believed that the wearer becomes aware of the loyalty of their partners and inculcates the ability to speak in a clear and concise manner. 

Healing Properties:

The mystical powers of the emerald complements the beauty of this stone. Emerald is said to have the power of curing stomach ailments and bleeding problems. It can also control diseases like epilepsy, spine issues and eye problems. The mild color of the stone helps in getting rid of panic-stricken situations and makes the wearer calm, composed and relaxed. The serenity of the stone can help relieve mental stress and rejuvenate the life of the wearer and also develop their mental capabilities. The association of the emerald with Venus, the Roman Goddess of fertility, gave it the power to aid in the process of conceiving and child-birth.

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