March Tarot Forecast by Mita Bhan

Tue, Mar 06, 2018
Team Astroyogi   By Team Astroyogi
Tue, Mar 06, 2018
Team Astroyogi   By Team Astroyogi
March Tarot Forecast by Mita Bhan

Celebrity Tarot reader Mita Bhan gives out the Tarot forecast for March. Enjoy your reading.


Step back a little. Take a softer approach. Things won’t always work out the way you want them to if you display even an ounce of impatience or aggression.  Women will play a prominent role in your life, question is, what are you doing to acknowledge their presence and power in your life?  Singles may meet a brand new love who could sweep them off their feet. And if married, make sure lines of communication are open between you two. Keep talking and sharing. A lovely month for letting go – of unnecessary possessions, irrelevant relationships and attitudes that you have outgrown. Just remember to go gentle with yourself and others.


Life seems to be like one big yawn at the moment. And the cards urge you to break out of the boring routine by doing something totally different and adventurous. Step out of your comfort zone, you won't regret it! Some paperwork may need extra attention so do stay organised and prepare yourself for sudden changes, especially in written matters. In relationships remember not to judge others by how you are with them. Be flexible. Everybody has their own set of battles. Make peace with a relationship by learning to accept the present situation.


Lady Luck shines on you but only for a while so make full use of the positive energy coming your way. It could be busy month workwise so be prepared for extra work while you work your way towards long-term rewards.  Money that was owed to you will be returned. And you may decide to invest or make a significant purchase in the weeks ahead. Just control your temper with people who aren’t as quick as you. Too much nervous energy could lead to a minor ailment, so do not forget to meditate or consciously relax, to get the stress out.


A time of deep transformation has begun.  Changes will soon be visible to you and you will find your responses going through a shift as well. People and situations you thought you could count on, may no longer be available. Just go with the flow. And learn to let go. A great month for starting something new,  be it a new diet or a new project. The cards foretell great success. Stop living in the past so much. Enjoy the present and work towards a wonderful future.


The more you move into the present moment the more harmony you experience. Things that used to irritate you, no longer do. Are you getting wiser or just being you? The family will be a source of joy and comfort. And you notice the blessings in your life with renewed awareness. Workwise, things progress smoothly and you may even start planning your next vacation. Just be careful not to overdo things and overindulge. Someone may seek you out for guidance or you may find playing the peacemaker for others. Enjoy this role. Good things are coming your way.


Little by little, things start coming into place. Changes you incorporated a few months ago start delivering results. Problems get sorted out and there’s a general ease in the way your life functions in the weeks ahead. Don’t get complacent though as this phase is just preparing you for the next stage of growth. Financially a promising month. Increments, promotions, profits are favoured over the next few months and it would be wise to stay organised. Interpersonally you may clear the air with someone, or choose to forgive them and move on with Life. High time isn't it?


The more you vacillate between two choices the more you make things harder for yourself. Take a stand. Choose a path. Make a decision and stick to it. And suddenly you feel liberated by your own self-created pressure. A good time to set goals and even write out your bucket list. Something you want is coming your way but there will be a small price to pay when you do get it. Healthwise you may need to get an expert opinion about a small, nagging ailment. Knowledge will bring peace and a sense of confidence. Be wary of someone who promises much much more than they deliver.


You’re at the top of your game and now it’s time to plan for your long-term success. Don’t settle for second best. Dare to dream and live your dream. People will sense your ambition and try to block you. Not everyone sees things the way you do. Don’t force your opinion on them, just keep doing what you do. A child may need extra attention and your sensitivity will help deepen the bonds between you two. Financially a month of consolidation and long-term planning. Your health could go to extremes, so don’t take things too much for granted.


Temper, temper dear Sagittarian! You may find yourself more irritable and impatient and if someone doesn’t watch it, a few explosions will take place. Find out what is truly angering you instead of taking out on the innocent.  Reflection, meditation and exercise will bring clarity. Even at work, you may find things getting too predictable and boring and begin to crave some change and adventure. Don’t be too impulsive. Something said in the heat of the moment could have long-term consequences to face. A new relationship that begins in this period could open your mind to a new way of approaching things.  One tip, before you react, look at things from another’s perspective.


Just because you stick to deadlines doesn’t mean others do. Expect quite a few waits and delays where others are concerned. If you’ve done your homework, things will move in your favour. Otherwise just use this time to double check and stay informed. Practice moderation in your spending, and if you’re thinking of growing your income take the necessary steps. A friend could show his or her true colours when the mask falls off. Believe what you see and reconsider your equation with them. A good month to learn a new skill or pick up on a hobby you love. Peace will come through productivity.


You may have a tendency to over give, to the point of exhaustion. And this month may just appear to teach you the lesson of setting boundaries and saying No to those who use you or just waste your time. Make sure you get some me-time in the days ahead especially if you find yourself tired all the time.  Expect delays when it comes to payments. A reunion or celebration could be a great time to unwind and catch up with people from your past. Singles could find themselves reaching out to their former loves. Before you dial their number ask yourself if you truly miss them or is something else missing from your life?


You do have the power to make a difference, in your own life and in the world around you. It’s time to start believing and taking the necessary steps in the direction of your future success. Only you can motivate you. Stop expecting so much from others. The clearer your goals, the higher you will go. On the personal front a special someone from a long time ago may want to reconnect. A reunion could make you nostalgic. Abundance surrounds you, simply tap into the energy and prepare for greater gains in the months ahead. One warning, watch out for a recurring allergy.

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