Major astrological events of 2017

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Major astrological events of 2017

We have seen much of 2017 and within a few months will be bidding good bye to this year.  But 2017 would stay in our memories for all the changes it brought in our lives. There is a cosmic connection to all that happened and astrology is a science which studies the celestial bodies and their movements which bring about changes in our lives. For a better understanding of this great ancient science you should probably look at the major astrological events that took place in 2017 and then analyse the changes which happened in your life during that time frame. features the best Vedic astrologers in India for online consultation.

The four Planet retrogression:

On 10th April, 2017 we witnessed a rare astrological phenomenon, which was a combined retrogression of four planets- Saturn, Jupiter, Mercury and Venus. While a planet retrogression can bring in strong implications on our destiny, imagine the compounded impact of four planetary retrogressions. This rare phenomenon did not last for long as Venus finished it’s retrogression phase by 15th April. While the impact on people’s life varied depending on their horoscope this phenomenon was analysed very seriously by the Vedic astrology fraternity and if you rewind, you will surely find some significant changes in your life during that timeframe.

The Saturn retrogression:

Even thought there was a four planet retrogression happening in April this year, one of the most important planetary movement of the month was the Saturn/Shani retrogression. The much feared and revered planet is considered to be the facilitator of justice and Karma in Vedic astrology. The retrogression of Saturn started on the 06th of April and prolonged till 26th of October. We are sure that you would have either enjoyed the fruits of your good deeds or else faced the wrath of ‘Shaneeshwar’ during that time period.

The Rahu transit from Leo to Cancer:

Rahu and Ketu are two shadow planets which are considered in Vedic astrology but do not have physical existence. Yet, these planets are believed to have significant influence in our lives. The impacts brought about by Rahu and Ketu are mostly negative in nature. So zodiac natives were bound to stay safe as Rahu transited from Leo to Cancer on the 18th of August. You don’t have go back a lot into the timeline to find the impacts brought about by this important planetary transit.

The Jupiter transit from Virgo to Libra:

Jupiter is also known as ‘Guru’ (master) in Vedic astrology as the planet is mentioned as the Guru of all Devas (gods) in Vedic literature. This behemoth planet generally transits once in a year and this year it happened on the 12th of September, when it transited from Virgo to Libra. Jupiter is the key significator of wisdom, knowledge and also your relationship with parents, teachers and the elderly. So there would be major impacts brought about by this transit on the related aspects of life.

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