Lunar Eclipse - January’s Super Blood Wolf Moon

Star gazers and astrologers are looking forward for the Total Lunar Eclipse that will take place on 20/21 January 2019, as this is not only the first Lunar Eclipse of 2019, but also the last! This is the 18th Total Lunar Eclipse, out of the 85, that this century will see. The next Total Lunar Eclipse will now be observed only in 2021.

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In a Total Lunar Eclipse, the Moon is completely covered by the Earth’s shadow. On 20/21 January, the eclipse will last for 5 hours and 12 minutes, with the Moon completely covered for over 60 minutes.

The eclipse will start being visible on the evening of January 20, 2019, from North and South America. It will be visible mainly in North East Europe and Western Africa on January 21 and also from the Indian Ocean, the Pacific and Arctic.

Since it is also the Blood Moon, the Moon will appear reddish and is also called the Super Wolf Blood Moon. (The January full (Super) moon is nicknamed the Wolf Moon and when Earth casts a reddish hue to it, it is nicknamed the Blood Moon)

The Total Lunar eclipse will take place in the first degree of Leo and will be closely associated with the Partial Solar eclipse in Leo, which occurred last year on August 11. It is most affected by Uranus.

Does one need any precaution to watch the eclipse?

No. Unlike the Solar eclipse, you don’t need any protective eye gear to watch this spectacular celestial event.

According to Vedic astrology, since the eclipse is not visible from India, those living in India need not follow any rituals associated with the Lunar Eclipse

What should one be prepared for during this period?

A Total Lunar Eclipse is believed to profoundly affect one’s emotions and send it in a tizzy. It has more effect on the ‘moods’ of some zodiac signs. It can effect even the sleep pattern of a person. Lunar eclipse effects the feminine energy and awakens the consciousness. Avoid drama and let go of old patterns of behaviour that no longer serves you and could be blocking your way to progress.

It is advised to be a little cautious and take small steps during this period, the effects of which could last for as long as three months.

Astrologers at Astroyogi suggest that you should avoid taking any sudden decisions, specially where your love relationships are concerned. Family too, is important during the Leo Lunar Eclipse. You could be subject to miscommunication, which could send a relationship south.

For work related people, go slow on signing any business deals as paperwork may not be up to date. For those wanting to travel, double check on the itinerary.

For the religious, Blood Moons are considered bad omens as they are known to trigger natural disasters like earthquakes or volcanic eruptions.

On a positive note, the creative lot could get a breakthrough with some brilliant ideas. This can be a cleansing and healing time for many.

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