Love Thy Woman

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Team Astroyogi By Team Astroyogi
Love Thy Woman

Every woman is different and beautiful in her own way. But they all have one thing in common: complicated personalities. You must have heard this quite a few times, when a woman tells you ‘nothing is wrong’ you need to be careful because most of the time she means the exact opposite. It is a fact that women’s emotional reactions have baffled people around her forever.

However, people still try and so have we but with a different approach.  We have put together some of the most prominent traits of a woman according to her zodiac sign below:


Frank and refreshingly honest, the Aries female likes to go with the flow and surround herself with people who can keep up with her active lifestyle. The language of deception and deviousness is unknown to her. In simple words, she is someone who does not like to beat around the bush. She is a fiercely loyal companion who is up for any kind of challenge. Being a sign of the Ram, an Aries woman likes to take charge of her life and is not dependent on anyone.


When a Taurus woman tells you she wants to be left alone, do not doubt that. Leave her alone and she will remain content, if you push her or press too much, be prepared for her rage. She is confident and independent, you will seldom see her twitch or act weird when nervous. It is in her nature to be patient and nothing can alter this.


Remember, the sign Gemini represents the Twins. It is true that there are two distinct sides to her always changeable personality. She can change everything in her life in the blink of any eye, that’s how fast she can change things completely around in her life this applies even to her decisions. She is skilled in multitasking and doing two things at a time comes effortlessly to her. Quite a lot to handle? A Gemini woman is a complex personality indeed.


She can be quite an emotional lady but do not take that to be her weakness. She is one determined woman who knows how to manage any kind of challenge that life brings her face to face with. She is a compassionate woman and nurturing by nature which is the reason why people love her so much. However, one thing she will never admit is; she secretly enjoys attention.


Fiercely independent and outgoing, it is very difficult to find a Leo woman who is an introvert. She knows very well how to get the center stage be it with a lot of drama or some downright action. She can also be loud, full of energy and boisterous and yet have a very pleasant and outgoing personality. She is always ready to face her challenges head on in her life. But she can get a little bossy sometimes which may not go very well with other people.


Practical and fussy by nature yet she is known to be quite methodical. This attitude gives her the ability to deal with the most complex of situation. She is very gentle with her words and can rest anyone’s unsettling nerves. She is a woman with a lot of grace; simple yet broad minded. She hates to be lazy and being messy and dirty is a major turn off for her.


She represents the sign of balance and it should come as no surprise that a Libra woman is gifted for creating a sense of balance and harmony. She is practical by nature and is never swayed by anything melodramatic or emotional because she believes in thinking matters through with a rational head.


Exotic, intuitive, moody and sometimes controlling. However, do not be intimidated because a part of her is incredibly caring and generous. She never forgets the good things people do to her and will repay you tenfold even for your smallest kind act. And, not to forget she will never forget or forgive the ones who betray her too, quite vindictive she can be in this regard. She is secretive by nature and is not the type who will give you personal details that easily.


Sagittarius women are free spirits, her exuberance is infectious which can be seen flowing in her conversations. She is an adventurous woman who always wants to discover what life is really about. If you expect that she will follow a daily routine like the rest of the crowd, you will be disappointed as she constantly needs the flexibility to change her plans accordingly.


A Capricorn woman is sometimes misunderstood as a loner on the zodiac wheel as she doesn’t let people come close to her easily nor she is expressive about her emotions. But she is a strong headed woman and once she has chosen her way, it is nearly impossible to change her mind. Capricorn women are known to be calm and composed by nature never losing her cool but if provoked you need to be ready to see the other side of her. Consider yourself lucky if you are her friend.


She is described to have one of the most unique personality on the zodiac. She likes to go with the flow and will think, feel and do whatever pleases her without worrying too much. Even though she represents an air sign, she is not dreamy. She is filled with inner force and is known to be in line with her thoughts.


A Pisces woman is dreamy, mysterious, spiritual and gentle. Because she always wants to find a deeper meaning to everything in life, she is prone to mood swings. However, she has the ability to feel and observe other people making her very compassionate towards every living soul. Because of this ability she can be a true spiritual guide as she is always ready to help people in need.