Kangna Ranaut, the new bikini babe!

Thursday, April 24, 2014

After Bipasha, Kareena, Priyanka, Lara Dutta, guess who will be the new bikini girl in Bollywood? Joining the bandwagon is Kangna Ranaut. Yes, she will be seen in her sexiest avatar in her upcoming film Rascals.

Kangna will be wearing a two-piece on-screen for the first time and she is very comfortable in it. When asked by a leading national daily if donning a bikini for a film frightens her, she replied, “I'm a city girl now, so it wasn't a shocking concept for me. I might wear a bikini if I go for a swim, but it does feel odd wearing close to nothing on a shoot - that too with the whole unit around, fully clothed! It makes you conscious.”

Kangna is doing her best to revamp her drooping career.  She has taken carrying off a bikini as a challenge as she said, “David (Dhawan) sir said he'd like me to wear one for the scene. He didn't say it was compulsory, but with almost every actress donning one, it becomes almost essential in a film like Rascals. I'm not known for my item numbers or bikini scenes, so I took it up as a challenge. I didn't want to be known as someone who can't do it.”

Kangna is an Aries and her ruling number is 5. She is known to be brash and aggressive. Courage, leadership skills and fearlessness are some of her qualities. She will experience a change in her behaviour and attitude towards life in the coming year. Her determination to succeed will be stronger than ever and she will be working at improving her skills. She will grow as an actress and prove once again that she is different and here to stay. Her ability to overcome challenges will prove to be a strong point and a definite advantage in the year ahead. Jupiter makes its presence felt in her life and keeps her busy with work all through the year. Professionally, the end of the year will prove to be the best time of the year for her.


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