Kaalakaandi- Astro Analysis by Astroyogi

bell icon Thu, Jan 11, 2018
Team Astroyogi By Team Astroyogi
Kaalakaandi- Astro Analysis by Astroyogi

Saif Ali Khan has come a long way from his ‘Aashiq Awara’ days of playing second leads in movies. Playing a lead role in a movie, fell much later in his lap as compared to other actors of his genre. To give this versatile Leo his due, Saif has consistently experimented with different characters with confidence.

Out of all his characters, whether romantic or comic; he portrays himself best in his dark characters. He surpassed himself in movies like ‘Darna Mana Hai, and ‘Omkara’.

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We will now see Saif again in ‘Kaalaakandi’ after his last movies,’Chef’ didn't fare so well for him. But maybe that was expected, as 2017 was not that great for Leo’s career and hurdles were expected. Saif’s fans are waiting with bated breath to watch this Bollywood drama which is directed by Akshat Verma of ‘Delhi Belly’ fame. Akshat Verma, who had filled ‘Delhi Belly’ with a torrent of profanities now comes back with an all-new benchmark of expletives. To add ‘fuel to fire’, he is not only the writer for ‘Kaalaakandi’, but also its Director! It’s no surprise then, that ‘Kaalakandi’, to be released in January 2018, has already been ordered 73 cuts by The Central Board of Film Certification! After ‘Omkara’, this seems to be the second Saif starrer that has set a new record in profanities in Bollywood! 

Now, Astroyogi’s expert astrologers had cautioned Leo’s to be particularly careful this year while choosing their assignments from March onwards. Saif’s choice of working in ‘Kaalaakandi’, hopefully, was a cautious move.

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Keeping with the character of the script, Saif has been shown as a bad-ass guy, a role that Saif portrays well. His fans have gone ‘gaga’ over Chhote Nawab’s performance after watching the official teaser of the movie. ‘Kaalakaandi’s official teaser reached more than two lakh views in just a day after its release on Youtube! The teaser seems to be full of comedy and dark humour and Saif plays the role of a crazy person. The entire story is played out in 12 hours where six strangers from different worlds, interact with each other.

Saif’s choice of movies in the past few years has not done much to his ‘flagging’ career. ‘Kaalakaandi’, while showcasing Saif’s acting abilities, may yet lay stress on the fact that Saif works best when he acts in a multi-starrer.

But looking at the intense interest of Saif’s fans in the movie, ‘Kaalakaandi’ will surely open to a full house. The film may yet suffer some controversies and since it’s not a totally commercial film, it may not go well with Saif’s ‘Not-so-die-hard-fans’! Lack of a super-star heroine may pull back the front benchers. Work of the artists will surely be appreciated as they have all worked hard and Akshat not only writes well but also teaches his cast to perform to perfection.

The movie that was to be released on 8th September has already been postponed once.

Astroyogi’s expert astrologers predicted a fruitful January 2018 for hardworking Leo. Hopefully, Saif’s hard work and confidence will pay off in some way.