July Birthstone - The Glorious Ruby

Mon, Jun 28, 2021
Team Astroyogi   By Team Astroyogi
Mon, Jun 28, 2021
Team Astroyogi   By Team Astroyogi
July Birthstone - The Glorious Ruby

The people who are born in July are favoured by the stars because they get the most royal gem as their birthstone - the splendorous ruby. A beautiful stone that can ignite the spark of love and passion in every heart, ruby is said to be the most valuable gem that can be gifted to your special ones on any occasion, whether it is their birthstone or not. To know more about the effects of ruby and its importance, talk to our expert astrologers who will happily guide you to buy the gemstone that perfectly fits your requirements!


The term “ruby” has been derived from the Latin word “ruber” that literally translates as “red,” that represents the passionate colour of this gemstone. It is a type of the corundum mineral and the reason behind the red-hot colour of the ruby is the traces of chromium that can be found on the surface of the gem.

Considered to be the ‘king of precious stones’, ruby has been associated with courage, love and passion since time immemorial. A favourite among the royalty, this gemstone has been used for making the jewels of the kings and queens since ancient times and is still considered to be the prized possessions of the elite class. It has been associated with youth and power as it reflects the colour of blood - the life force of any living being. 


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Ruby stands for affection, knowledge and health. It is believed that one who wears this gemstone is blessed with fortune and good luck. The hardness of the gem is second only to diamond making it a stable gemstone that can be used for wearing on a daily basis. 


The red colour of the ruby represents love and it is believed that this birthstone can help one in gaining the confidence of their partner and building up mutual trust and understanding for a lifetime. Due to this reason, rubies are considered to be the ideal gifts to celebrate the 15th and the 40th anniversaries of a couple.

The colour and quality of ruby is directly proportional to the market value of the gem. It is available in an array of colours that range from purplish-blue to reddish-orange. The most brilliant kind of ruby that is in high demand today, has a bright red hue and sparkling appearance and is called the Burmese Ruby. The colour of this ruby is often termed as “pigeon blood red” but it is not directly related to the blood of the pigeon but rather reflects the colour of the eyes of a white pigeon. These vibrant rubies are mainly found in the mines of the Mogok Valley in Myanmar. Recently, Vietnam has also joined the league and has now become one of the major exporters of rubies across the world. Other important countries where this birthstone is produced include Mozambique, Thailand, Madagascar, Cambodia, Afghanistan, Kenya, Pakistan, Tanzania, Tajikistan and Sri Lanka.


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How to Wear Ruby

An extraordinary stone with breathtaking beauty, ruby can be made into high-class jewels such as stud earrings, plain rings, three-stone rings, halo earrings, pendants, necklaces, bracelets, wave earrings, Riviere necklaces and much more. The Burmese ruby is used to make the jewellery items and is often clubbed with diamonds and sapphires to create spectacular rings, bracelets, neckpieces, earrings and pendant sets.


Effects of Wearing The July Birthstone 

During the medieval era, it was believed that ruby can protect the wearer by giving them signs about the danger that was lurking in the dark and brought to light the opportunities that could help them gain love, faith, wisdom, health and success. It holds special significance in the history of Burma (Myanmar) because the ancient Burmese soldiers believed that if they wore a ruby in battle then nobody would be able to defeat them. 

Healing Properties

The mystical powers of ruby make it an effective and efficient healing stone. It was believed by the ancient people that this July birthstone can predict dangers and warn the wearer about any misfortune in advance. It is also said to cure inflammatory diseases and help one get rid of stress and frustration by soothing the anger that burns the person internally. 


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