John Abraham - Astro Analysis of the Bollywood Hunk

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Team Astroyogi By Team Astroyogi
John Abraham - Astro Analysis of the Bollywood Hunk

Dashing Bollywood actor, producer and a former model, Farhan Irani, better known as John Abraham has more to his credit than just drop-dead looks and an excellent physique. A man who can make the ‘aunties’ swoon with his baby smiles and the girls go weak in the knees, rightly deserves to be in the 100-crore club.

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Born on 17 December, John is a Sagittarius, represented by the Archer-Centaur.

This zodiac is ruled by Jupiter, the ruler of the Gods, and it bestowed John with luck, optimism and abundance. Being generous, cheerful and trustworthy became his second nature.

Sagittarians are intellectual and John is quite well-educated when compared to the others in his profession. A graduate in economics and with a MBA degree, the man is blessed with both looks and intellect.

For someone who had no godfather in the film industry, it was the eternal optimism of a Sagittarius that pushed him to confidently debut on the silver screen, in an erotic thriller film and that too, in a  negative role.

The typical Sagittarius loves to travel and Abraham was aptly the face of luggage label, Skybags. The adventurer in him makes him get out of the city to travel, the minute he gets a break. He dreams of going to the Himalayas and exploring it.

Interested in philosophy, religion and everything else, John Abraham enjoys producing out-of-the-box movies.

The Sagittarius trait in him, made him yearn for a partner who is equally secure and independent. His and Bipasha Basu’s relationship lasted for a good long nine years. They made a perfect couple, each having their own standing in the Bollywood fraternity.

Sagittarius are not very expressive people and his fans are yet to learn about the actual reason of the breakup between the two.

He was quiet about his sudden marriage with Priya Runchal and is still not very vocal about it after four years. He has finally found stability in Priya, who shows no interest in hogging the limelight.

Since this zodiac sign rules the hip and thigh region, Sagittarius is always on the move. Inspite of his hectic schedule, John never skips his workouts. While most men may concentrate on improving their biceps and aim for the six pack, John insists on training his leg muscles too.

A humanitarian to the core, John believes deeply in social causes. He has his own brigade, Habitat For Humanity and works for the cause for PETA. He collects and donates money to hospitals like Lilavati.

John has a kitty full of upcoming movies and while the Sagittarius career for the coming year, 2019, shows a distinct curve in their career graph, they are also advised to work hard and refrain from using short cuts. Being busy with too many films can also take a toll on his family relationship and it will do him good to take a small break by the middle of the coming year.

The very health conscious John, may need to concentrate more on his dietary intake in 2019.

We, at Astroyogi, wish this sculpted, epitome of a handsome man, a very successful 2019, on his birthday.  #GPSforLife