January Zodiac Sign - The Realistic Capricorn

Monday, December 23, 2019

The people who are born at the beginning of a year have the Capricorn as their sun sign. Ruled over by the planet Saturn, this sign belongs to the element earth. The body parts that are most affected by this sign are the bones and the teeth.

Those born under this sign are extremely practical people who are far-sighted visionaries and can easily judge if a new strategy will prove to be beneficial or not. They are straightforward people who can directly tell you about your shortcomings without any hesitation. They develop themes and ideas on the spot and implement them speedily in order to add to the given circumstances.

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Capricorns are very ambitious people who are determined to make it big in life, be it money, fame or success. Though they are extremely zealous in their approach, they follow the moral code of conduct and do everything with utmost honesty. Highly committed towards their duties, Capricorns are accountable for the work assigned to them and ensure that their tasks are completed with a mark of distinction.


Qualities of a Capricorn:


  1. Even-tempered and patient - Capricorns are calm and composed people who do not lose their patience even when they deal with cantankerous people. 

  2. Understanding and caring - These fellows understand all your problems and listen to you patiently in order to assist you in getting rid of your troubles. 

  3. Satirists with a touch of humor - Capricorns have a great sense of humor through which they often make satiric comments. So what could have been an offensive comment becomes a witty joke with a Capricorn.

  4. A leader forever - The well-disciplined Capricorns are born leaders who know how to manage people under them and train them in such a manner that they become an asset for their organization.

Vocation and Finances:

The ambitious streak in a Capricorn makes them the best career planners. They are admirable people who possess the moralistic qualities of integrity and discipline to such an extent that they become extremely reliable. When it comes to choosing their colleagues they prefer those who are loyal and honest themselves so that they can equally appreciate the innate qualities of the strict Capricorn.


They are efficient beings who know how to get a job done while being humble and polite. They are aware of the fact that a business is not built in a day and therefore, are not at all afraid of starting on a small scale and gradually working towards its development. They are diligent beings who make every possible effort to achieve the targets that they have set for themselves.
The pragmatic nature of a Capricorn makes them spend their money wisely after taking care of all their financial commitments. But sometimes they too get engulfed by the desire to become a spendthrift and buy insignificant things just to make themselves merry. 


Love life and Relations:


The most appreciable quality of a Capricorn is their loyalty. Be it their lover, their family members, their friends or their colleagues, everyone is intrigued with their love for integrity. The witty nature of a Capricorn ensures that those around them are always entertained with their humorous jokes.

Capricorns are very choosy when it comes to their friends and due to this reason they do not have a large social circle. Also, Capricorns are very careful while choosing their lovers because they expect them to remain loyal and true to them. They are not very expressive in nature and therefore, their beloved feel that they are not caring enough. But this is not true because the loyalty of a Capricorn is unmatchable and they are much more concerned about their partners as compared to what they show on the surface.

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