Is It Safe to Say Yes If Your Kundlis Match?

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Is It Safe to Say Yes If Your Kundlis Match?

Most Indians consider kundli matching to be an integral process before marriage. Astrologers compare and analyse the birth charts of the couple, not only to assess their compatibility, but also aspects related to progeny.

Astrologers believe that the practice of matching astrological charts helps to ensure that the couple will have a happy and comfortable life after marriage. Most people are not aware of the fact that less compatibility between the partners could also cause financial and career problems in their marriage. According to Shastras, it is believed that man and woman become a single identity once they are married. As a result, your spouse’s destiny, luck and fate will influence yours in the long run as well. It can either yield positive results or lead to a disappointing future. This is why Kundli Milan plays a vital role in assessing the marital compatibility of two people.

Vedic Astrology uses the Ashtakoota Milan system for Kundli Matching to assess how many points a couple scores on different aspects of compatibility. Various aspects like their mental compatibility, physical and sexual compatibility, personality and temperaments are assessed and scored out of a total of 36 points. A higher score determines a better compatibility, while a lower scores determines poor compatibility between the partners.

Eight Gunas/ Kootas are considered while matching the astrological charts. Each guna has a specific value, and the sum of all eight gunas comes to a total of 36. It is believed that a minimum of 18 points should match between the couple to have a happy married life. If the matched points are more than 27, then it is considered the best probable match. If the points come out to be less than 18, then the marriage is not advised.

The following are the 8 Gunas/ Kootas -

Varna Koota refers to the calculation of the native’s varna- meaning cast- to analyse the compatibility of the couple.

Vasya Koota consists of matching the birth horoscopes of the natives as a way of Kundli matching before marriage. The translation of the word ‘Vasya’ is the ability to dominate or influence another person.

Tara Koota assesses the Janam Nakshatras of the couple to analyse the health, relationship compatibility and success of the partners after their marriage.

Yoni Koota helps to analyse marital harmony, physical attraction and sexual compatibility between the partners, and also health of offsprings.

Graha Maitri Koota assesses the mental compatibility and mutual love between the partners to be married.

Gana Koota helps assess the temperament compatibility between partners, and the characteristic traits of the partners.

Bhakoot Koota helps assess the health and wealth of the partners after marriage.

Nadi Koota is the 8th test and final in the Ashtakoota Milan system of Kundli Matching. It helps assess the health compatibility of the partners in marriage.

So, overall, your astrological compatibility with your partner can help you to understand a number of things like, how compatible you will be with your partner in the future and what kinds of problems you are likely to face. All this can be quite informative before you decide to say that finally ‘yes’. To test your astrological compatibility with your partner, you can get your natal charts; ‘Kundlis’ and ‘Gunas’; analysed on