India’s Scope & Prospects In Sports In 2016

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Team Astroyogi By Team Astroyogi
India’s Scope & Prospects In Sports In 2016

One area in the global perspective where India has not been able to see much success is the sporting achievements. Be it Cricket or Olympic events, consistency and prolonged success has always eluded India in the sporting world. Even our National Sports Hockey, where India had seen a phase of strong run is also under the shadow of failure at the moment. Will it be any better in 2016? Can 2016 bring in a new era of sporting excellence in the country’s future and will the fate of the many sports personalities shine this year?

One major positive this year is the Moon’s predominance on India’s fate. Traditionally the Moon Mahadasha is considered to help individuals gain intellectual excellence and attain acknowledgement and good positions in this phase. Financial and social growth coupled with immense happiness and contentment has always been the hallmark of this phase. Therefore this phase can be associated with significant strength in India’s sporting future and it is set to take India to greater highs in this year.

Even as per numerology, India is favourably positioned to gain success and overall predominance in the sporting world. It is almost pre-determined that sports personalities would gain success if they put their effort in this phase. Given the fact that there are several major sporting events in the offing, India can get set for its own individual moment of glory in the months to come.

Be it the Rio Olympics or the ICC T-20 Cricket World Cup or even the Paralympics, it is expected that Indian sportsmen will showcase brilliant performance and win many accolades in all of these major sporting events. The Moon’s predominance marks another interesting phase. It is also associated with a rise in women power and decidedly this year will see the rise of many women sports personalities as well who with their undying spirit of wanting to excel and attaining success will help write the country’s name in gold in the sporting world.

The only worrying aspect in this whole gamut of sporting excellence is the ‘Kaal Sarp Dosh‘ in India’s charts. The presence of ‘Kaal Sarp’ dosh can often be termed as the limiting factor which might sometimes cast a pall of gloom in India’s overall success graph. Many times it is possible that India might reach the finals but have to deal with defeat as a result of this planetary position.

But this is only one of the many aspects and unlikely to be too overwhelming and India can surely emerge a winner despite this hugely worrying Kaal Sarp Dosh. Players should not be too concerned about this and must understand that diligent practice and perseverance will get the better of it. So all in all it can be safely concluded that 2016 will see India gain predominance and success in the sporting world and sports personalities are set to showcase brilliant performance across a wide gamut of games both internationally as well as at home.

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