Importance of Framing Questions Correctly for a Tarot Reading

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Team Astroyogi By Team Astroyogi
Importance of Framing Questions Correctly for a Tarot Reading

Before I started reading the tarot cards, I had gone through the various recommendations of how to ‘keep/store’ them, what methodology to follow before you start the reading for the day, how to shuffle the cards etc etc . But when I formally started practising the readings on others, I realised that many-a-times I would get vague cards that just wouldn’t resonate with the question asked.

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I passed through the stage of firmly telling the client that yes/no answers don’t work well in tarot and nor does the question ‘when,’ unless we use a time frame for answering.(But, it’s been a few years and very few clients have given up asking such questions).

Many readings later I realised the mistake I was making because of which I would get confusing cards when I asked the question. I was simply asking the questions as put up by the client-many times what wouldn’t make sense! I learnt the importance of reframing the questions asked by the client(after discussing with them of course) and was amazed at the result. The right cards would just fall in place and the client would get direct and useful answers without wasting time.

So, this write up is for the benefit of both the clients and the reader. For the querents, who are paying the clairvoyant to get some insight on their problems, do keep the following tips in mind before you put up your question-

1) Think carefully about what you want to ask before you seek out a reader. The time you take to do that will also, many times, calm your mind, in case you are upset about a frustrating situation. Remember, when you are flustered about some problem, the energy from you doesn't reach out clearly to the universe as it is all ambiguous.

2) Be honest and direct and don't hold back information. A little background about your concern will help the reader focus better and give you specific answers. The more honest you are with yourself and your reader, the more beneficial the insights will be.

3) This is something that really ‘kills’ the reading-bunching too many questions in one! This is specially rife in relationship readings. The question will start with a general,”Will he call me back” and by the time you finish explaining that this is a yes/no question and is not very desirable, the querent would have jumped to questions like-“Does he love me still?”, “Will we get married”?, “Is his ex back in his life?“

Whoa there! We know you are upset, but calm down. We need to tackle this one at a time! All that you are achieving by these barrage of questions is, confusing the issue and exhausting the reader! 

4) Be open to the advice the tarot gives. Many clients like to defy the readings or dismiss it categorically with a,”This cannot be possible”! 

Here are some better ways of framing your questions:

Instead of asking, “Will we get married?”, ask,”How does our future look together?”

Instead of asking,”Will my business improve?”, ask, “How can I improve my business”? Or “Why am I facing troubles with my business”?

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