Impact of Rahu’s Transit Through Punarvasu Nakshatra in 2019

Thu, Jan 03, 2019
Team Astroyogi   By Team Astroyogi
Thu, Jan 03, 2019
Team Astroyogi   By Team Astroyogi
Impact of Rahu’s Transit Through Punarvasu Nakshatra in 2019

In order to understand Rahu’s transit through Punarvasu and its impact on all ascendants and Moon signs, we must first try to comprehend the mighty planet Rahu and why it is feared. The mother of Rahu, Maya, is also known as Mayavi or the planet of illusion. Rahu has the ability to encapsulate whichever planet or house it associates with. For example, if it is situated with Moon, Rahu takes over one’s mind. When it is placed with Sun, it is called the Grahan Yoga. With Jupiter it causes the Guru Chandal Yoga. Rahu has a dual energy as it can do both good and bad in equal measure.

The Nakshatra of Punarvasu, which is a nurturing and harmonious Nakshatra, will witness the transit of Rahu through it from January 3rd onwards. Rahu will be transiting in Punarvasu with its 4th pada (stage) in Cancer and rest 3 padas in Gemini.

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Aries ascendant / Moon sign

Rahu will be transiting through the 4th house. Hence, matters related to higher education, religious/spiritual travel, fortune along with foreign travel, disturbed sleep, isolation, problems related to the left eye, physical ailments and migration to a different country are highlighted. People undergoing divorce cases will be sanctioned a divorce.

Taurus ascendant / Moon sign

Rahu will be transiting the 3rd house and can cause a rift with your younger siblings, or to the sibling, but will improve your rational thinking and highlight your leadership abilities, dear Taurus. Pay special attention to your health and finances. You may also make influential friends in this period.

Gemini ascendant / Moon sign

Rahu will be transiting the 2nd house and will focus on money matters, personal earnings and expression of speech. Gemini natives could face issues with respect to marriage, spouse, partnerships but short travel is indicated for those in this sign. Careers related to spirituality will get a sudden boost leading to fame and honour for you dear Gemini. There could be some health issues in relation to urinary tract and generative organs. Caution with food intake is advised.

Cancer ascendant/ Moon sign

Rahu’s transit through Punarvasu in 1st house will cause you to delve in futuristic trends and mass psychology dear Cancer. It could also make you vain and illusionary about self-achievements along with confusion in your thought process. Pay attention to your health, debts and stay clear of office politics.

Leo ascendant/ Moon sign

Rahu will be transiting the 12th house and can cause you some stress dear Leo. During the course of this transit Leo natives should avoid alcohol or any intoxicants. Students may also face difficulties at this time. All kinds of secret affairs will bloom. A stomach ailment may be on the cards so be careful of what you eat. However, this period is good for out of box thinking, meditation and upasnas.

Virgo ascendant/ Moon sign

For Virgo, Rahu will be in the 11th house, which happens to be an upchhaya house. This transit will highlight matters related to gains, aspirations, elder siblings and friendships. With respect to Punarvasu Nakshatra, the focus will be on marriage, relationships, home, hearth, family and short travels. Attention must be paid to your mother’s health or your property dealings and related paperwork, dear Virgo. Partnerships should be carefully evaluated before signing any deeds or memorandums. Practice meditation to maintain peace and calm at home.

Libra ascendants / Moon sign

Dear Libra, Rahu will transit your 10th house. Since this an upchhaya house, Libras looking for job opportunities abroad will have their wish granted. There could also be an influx of job prospects from big multinational companies. Interaction with foreigners or travelers from abroad is also on the cards. Short travels are indicated. Chances of writing a book and publishing it are possible if the yogas in your chart permit so. Maintain your peace with younger siblings.

Scorpio Lagna / Moon sign

Rahu will be transiting 9th house of opportunities and causes slight turbulence in your finances, dear Scorpio. Be careful of warring with your bosses as there may be an issue with finding new job opportunities during this time.

Sagittarius ascendant / Moon sign

Dear Sagittarius, Rahu will be transiting your 8th house, causing a sudden interest in spiritual practices or occult sciences and may make you more philosophical in your outlook. Be careful not to neglect your home in pursuit of your secret spiritual journey, dear Sagittarius.

Capricorn ascendants /Moon sign

Dear Capricorn, Rahu will transit in your 7th house, making you extremely cautious and skeptical. Guard against discord in your marital life during this period. Short travels to foreign lands are on the cards. Writers/publishers will be able to publish their literary works. Capricorns in advisory capacity, such as consulting or law, will notice a sudden rush of people in need of advice.

Aquarius ascendants /Moon sign

Rahu would be transiting your 6th house, dear Aquarius, causing some concern in your finances. Alternately, your financial situation may be affected due to some health issues. Please take care of your health! Any risky ventures should be avoided. Special care should be taken to avoid office politics and colleagues who may not have your best interests at heart.

Pisces ascendant /Moon sign

Rahu will be transiting the 5th house, causing a turmoil in your career sector, dear Pisces. Your decision-making may be suspect in relation to your career, investments or children. Pisceans should control their negative thought process as their perception may deceive them during this period.

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