How to survive heartbreak hell?

Wed, Feb 26, 2014
Team Astroyogi   By Team Astroyogi
Wed, Feb 26, 2014
Team Astroyogi   By Team Astroyogi
How to survive heartbreak hell?

Have you ever been caught up in the complexity of life where you are unable to distinguish between right and wrong? We all go through these phases where we reach that never ending state of indescribable suffering. The thought that consistently boggles us is, "nobody understands what I am going through." Life starts resembling parallel lines that are never going to meet. This feeling of sadness not only suffocates us, but also brings us on the verge of giving up, which culminates into depression and hampers our ability to lead a happy life. The pain may even bring our daily life to a halt.

The moment you consult a doctor, you get a good lecture that handling a "break-up" without losing your mind is in your hands. Failure of love that you believed to be true and lasting can shake the very foundation of life! A break-up can have devastating effects, especially for people who were very much in love and crave companionship. You just want to go into a state of deep sleep and get up only after things have resolved.

To overcome it, your phrase should be - "when the going gets tough, the tough get going." To handle it, you need to follow the middle path that provides an outlet to your emotions. To get freedom from pain and suffering, adopt the middle path.  According to the Buddhist Law of Dependent Origination, "what this is, that is, this arises, that arises" and “this ceases, that ceases." Our life follows the Law of Cause and Effect - it is all about circulation and cessation. We have to understand this to get out of any situation, be it heart-break or any other form of failure. This law directly says that nothing is permanent, not even the law! And we all are aware of the fact that change is the only thing that is constant. It is important for us to adapt ourselves accordingly and move on in life.

Astrologically, let's take a closer look at different zodiac signs and their way of reacting to a break-up. This may help you figure out how to help a friend who's wallowing in misery or help yourself when you are down in the dumps.

Aries: If this fire sign goes through an emotional ride, there will be a lot of sobbing and a feeling of extreme suffering. Feelings of anger and rage are likely too. However, after some time they will be quick to forget and move on, after all "tomorrow is a new day" for Aries.

Taurus: This bull sign will be quick to get depressed, unable to figure out what went wrong and try very hard to get things back on stable ground. But, Taurus will benefit by not being a doormat for anyone and accepting only those who deserve their kindness and devotion.

Gemini: It will be difficult for them to cope with the emotions when the break-up is a recent one. But, this intelligent air sign is the quickest in terms of recovery. Before an ex can even think about looking back, they may have moved on with another love interest.

Cancer: The emotional and sensitive crab clings to the past. For them, either it is never-ending love or never loving again for a while. This mourning period lasts longer for this sign as they need time before moving on. They don't jump from one casual fling to another.

Leo: This is a sign that doesn't forget or forgive quickly. Break the heart of a Leo, and be ready to be repulsed for the rest of your life. All your pleas may fall on deaf ears. They will start looking for a better partner and may even try to make an ex jealous, by showing off how deeply they are in love with this new partner.

Virgo: Logic rules their brain! After analyzing the relationship (if things are not working or something is amiss) they may decide to bid adieu, even if it takes ages to heal their broken heart. They will amicably end a relationship, if there ever was a friendship they valued.

Libra: They will mope silently remembering the good old times and will move on with their life by getting involved in things that interest them, their career and other ventures. They don't like expressing their true emotions to anyone and will keep the grief to themselves. When they truly love someone, they will remain loyal to the very end.

Scorpio: A break-up will turn Scorpio's world upside down and it is all because of the intensity of their love. It's all or nothing for this sign and they are most likely to remain obsessed with their ex. Prepare yourself for a lifetime of vengeance, as this is a sign that earnestly believes in getting even. They will sting you when you least expect it.

Sagittarius: Philosophy and life's deeper meanings help Sagittarius deal better than most with a break-up. There's much to be learned from a failed relationship. They will let go of the past, even if deep down they still crave for their soul mate. They are always on the look-out for a new relationship and when it ends, it means they need to look for someone new.

Capricorn: For this earth sign, it will be difficult to admit that it actually happened with them when they were so loyal and selective in their choice. They will immerse deeper into their work. The pain will haunt them for a long time.

Aquarius: They will try to figure out the reason and if that fails, they will not take long to say goodbye. They believe more in the friendship than the love that was there. This is a sign that always looks forward and is optimistic about the future.

Pisces: They will cling to you for dear life. For them, a break-up is the most devastating thing that can happen to someone. They may cry and beg you to rethink your decision. But, if it's Pisces that has decided to end things, they will be the quickest to look for greener pastures. It's like you were never in a relationship!


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