How strong is your friendship bond?

bell icon Thu, Dec 05, 2019
Team Astroyogi By Team Astroyogi
How strong is your friendship bond?

Friends help us de-stress; they make us smile and laugh, they pull us up when we are down, they help us make the right decisions, especially when we are facing challenges. 


Be it a best friend, or having many close friends, we all have a good friend in our life. But, apart from finding common values and goals with people, could there be something else impacting who we end up being friends with in our life?


Astrologically, how strong your friendship bond will be, and likely who are likely to be your good friend can be identified from the 11th House in your horoscope/natal chart.


Along with friendships, the 11th House also influences your ambitions, desires, and goals. It is considered to determine how you form your relationships, how social you may be, and what kind of friends you are likely to attract.