How lucky Valentine’s Day 2017 is going to be for you, Astroyogi predicts:

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How lucky Valentine’s Day 2017 is going to be for you, Astroyogi predicts:

There is no clear history about St. Valentine. The popular legend says, St. Valentine lived in the 3rd century and he went against Emperor Claudius II's ruling against Christian couples being married. Then he was martyred for helping Christian couples to come together. Valentine’s Day is celebrated in the commemoration of St. Valentine, but not everybody celebrating this romantic festival is aware of this martyr, they just know that it is a celebration of romance and youth, it would be rosy all around and there would be romance in the air.

Valentine’s Day 2017 is closing in, you might be planning your celebrations too. astroYogi wishes you a Happy and celebrated Valentine’s day, we have also come up with some quick facts about how fortunate your zodiac sign is going to be on this Valentine’s day. Read on to find out how lucky you are going to be for this Valentine’s Day.


Arians are not the ones who hold back their feelings. They never hesitate to express their love. However, they are very possessive in nature and get jealous easily. The key planet for Aries-Mars is in the retrograde motion which can affect your temperament. However, Jupiter’ can assuage this Malicious effect of Mars. So astroYogi’s expert astrologers suggest that everything is going to work well for you during this Valentine’s Day if you have hold over your temperament. So take a chill pill and be romantic, naturally the way you are.


Loyal and devoted to their partners, deeply romantic Taureans are possessive and protective about their loved ones too. But they are not the gentle ones generally, a quality much needed in romance. Valentine’s Day would Romance the stone, so dear Taurus you are just a tough human being, cringe a bit and welcome the season of love. If Venus, Mars, or Jupiter, are in fire or air signs as per your birth chart Valentine’s Day can turn out to be quite lucky for you, and many Taureans have this privilege.


When Geminis fall in love, they don’t want to be repetitive. They crave for variety in love. Like Taureans, they are possessive about their partners. It’s in their nature. The Saturn in Libra can do wonders to your love life.  But Geminis are naturally flirtatious and that can be a problem here, you would need to be selective and loyal when it comes to serious relationships. Parallel relationships are not found to be very lucky here.


Emotional Cancerians find it difficult to express their love, hence they try to conceal their feelings. Their love is ultra-strong, Saturn the planet for a long term commitment is transiting over Libra on your professional zone, so you have fair chances of finding a partner from your workplace. astroYogi would advise you to be a bit open and frank about your feelings, and unleash the powerful love, if you are holding it within.


Leos as the name suggests, are very protective of their loved ones. They are supportive towards their partners and stand by them in any circumstances. Leos know how to chuff their Valentine and has style in doing it, flowers with a love letter and romantic dinners are typical Leo style. They are one of the most entertaining and enthusiastic partners. By all chances, Leos are going to have a celebrated Valentine’s Day, because they are intrinsically romantic and know how to flaunt their love, and there are no planetary moments with malicious effect on their love life.


One of the most trustworthy and genuine sign in the bunch when it comes to love, but they are not the most expressive. Virgos love it when life functions in an organized manner and that could spring trouble in paradise as incompatible partners may find it a little too restricted.  The romantic outlook of Virgo's are found to be pretty ‘old school’ type, so if you are going out with a very progressive partner this Valentine’s day, there are chances of friction. Otherwise, they are very devoted and loyal in love and can make for ideal partners.


Librans know how to express what they feel for their lovers. So you might be planning surprises or romantic dinners probably by this time. Love happens only once in a lifetime for a Libra and they know how to embrace it. They remain loyal to their lovers till the end. You have all traits of a good lover, you are a good listener, have a good sense of humor and are fun to hang out with. Libra’s need to find someone of their types, they won’t be able to stand the fact that their partner is not reciprocating the kind of loyalty and commitment they are investing in a relationship.


Scorpios love to be in love. They are passionate in their relationships. Mars can add pressure and stress on you this Valentine’s Day, so be a bit relaxed and avoid arguments and disputes with your partner. Scorpio’s are known for their charismatic personality which can be a boon for your love life. Just be less confusing for your partner to interpret as you are generally known to be secretive and difficult to understand.


Sagittarians are adventurous in nature and that makes them take risks in their love lives too. Their Valentine’s Day celebrations would also be affected by this exuberant personality of theirs. While it is a good thing to be so active and adventurous, you should also understand the taste and preferences of your partner. You might be planning a wild Valentine’s Day party, but your partner might be expecting a quiet and romantic candle light dinner. astroYogi experts advise you to be a bit empathetic and then things would be smooth and romantic.


Capricorns are the kind who will make all efforts to keep their relationship healthy. They may not be Romeo-like romantic but they care for their partners. They are quite mature in their relationships and that’s why one can depend on a Capricorn. Saturn is in Libra might mean that you can be on the receiving end of your Partner’s demands, and Capricorn’s being of the matured type won’t take any impulsive decisions. This delay can also be insulting and painful for your partner. So the advice from astroYogi is to think about it and stick to your final decision and don’t be in a dilemma.


Aquarians are innovative and often surprise their lovers with their lovely gestures. They may be a bit shy in the beginning but when they get involved in a relationship, no one gets bored in their company. However, they are sensitive and emotionally fragile. Saturn is in Libra on your ninth house of adventures, travel and new connections. This means that Valentine’s Day 2017 turn out to be pretty lucky for you if you are looking out for your partner.


The artistic Pisces love to seek refuge in their vivid fantasies. What they expect from their partners is an equilibrium of emotional and practical aspects of life. One doesn’t even need to speak, and they will read your mind and heart. So they would understand the likes and dislikes of their partners very well. This is an impressive quality when it comes to romance, no malicious planetary influence are found on your horoscope by astroyogi experts. So we wish the dreamers of the Zodiac chart also a very happy and celebrated valentines day.

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