How lucky is your zodiac sign in love?

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Team Astroyogi By Team Astroyogi
How lucky is your zodiac sign in love?

Love is a beautiful feeling and this is what makes the world go round. You may have found an amazing man or woman who makes you smile. You probably cannot wait to see him or her every day. This special person makes you feel so good that you can’t stop thinking about being with her or him.

Well, it could be all of it or nothing at all. Here we present you straight facts about how your zodiac sign affects your love life, go ahead and know about your sign:


The Ram are always actively searching for someone. But the problem here is you can be quite demanding about what your partner has to be like. You can be quite picky but that has not stopped you from fulfilling your desires anyway. Love never comes to you easily but nevertheless you are always up for the challenge.


You need someone in your life who can provide a sense of strength and security. You appreciate the beautiful things the other person can bring in your relationship. However, you are known to be an extremely patient person and you will take your own sweet time to know someone before making any commitment. You are never afraid to try out new things in terms of dating in order to meet that special person.


You are known to possess exceptional communication skills and it is not surprising that you look for a partner with good communication skills. An intelligent and intellectual person never fails to impress you. However, your indecisive nature can bring you bad luck in your relationships. Since it is difficult for you to know what you actually want, you tend to change your mind rather too quick. So your shot at love totally depends on you and only you.


You are an emotional individual who always follows your intuition. So, when in love if you meet someone who you think truly deserves your time, nothing will stop you from making things work with that person. But you definitely have a selective streak because you need to be able to trust someone and be comfortable with them before getting in a relationship. Your love is intense but undoubtedly the most loyal and true.


You can be quite generous when it comes to relationships. People are fortunate to date you as they will never be devoid of any affection. Not only this, you are also faithful to your partners so there should not be any trust related issues in your relationship. But remember not everyone deserves your love and affection, you need to take your time in order to know a person inside out. So just slow down on dating too many people and wasting your time.


You are fussy, meticulous and known to be some kind of analysts. Your emotions are ruled by logic and so this makes you critical at first of people who you date. You tend to observe their actions just to confirm if they really want to be with you or not. Once this phase is over, you can enjoy pure bliss in your relationship.


You are one person who is always wired and whether you like it or not, you always tend to be on the fence. However, when it comes to relationships you can be quite different. You love to balance your personal lives and relationships. But if you feel like you are being cheated on or lied to it can be impossible or a very difficult task to regain your trust. Your passion and charm is a winner when it comes to accomplishing your relationship goals.


You are deep and mysterious but you always have a purpose. You set goals in life and leave no stones unturned to fulfill them. You possess great self-control and because of your mysterious nature people are drawn towards you. But your adamant nature and unwillingness to compromise can leave your partner feeling frustrated. The passionate you needs someone who is understanding and patient.

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You are strangely attracted to intelligence and without a doubt you love people who can keep the conversation flowing with their intellect. You are quite an optimistic person and so even when things turn rocky in your relationships, you will either find a solution or perhaps meet someone who will bring you happiness. You may feel unsure about your relationships but with your rationality you eventually manage ways to figure things out.


You may be known to be meek and mild in nature but when it comes to dating, you can be quite dominant. You are practical by nature and you are always willing to work towards your relationship goals. But you may feel restless if you are with someone who is not worth your time and effort. You need to remain emotionally stable in order to avoid being with the wrong person.


Just like a Leo, when in love you can be quite generous. You are always concerned about the happiness of your significant other. You need someone who can keep up with your philanthropic qualities. Being insightful in nature you always seek people you can gain knowledge from.


You are imaginative and dreamy in nature. That being said, you need someone who can view your cheesy romantic gestures and your dreams. But you are indecisive when it comes to dating and may find yourself to be in a love triangle most of the time as you do not want to get hurt or hurt the people you are with. You need a good communicator in order to help you make up your mind and express your feelings.

Love comes knocking at the door when you least expect it. But it is not necessary that things will always perfect. Irrespective of your zodiac sign; when the tide gets high in your relationship, you need to stay focused to make things work. This is what love is all about.