How Can Astrology Help You In Love Life

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How Can Astrology Help You In Love Life

One of the most oft uses of astrology is in ‘Synastry’, which is the comparison between the horoscopes of two people to discover the extent of their compatibility and probability of a long lasting relationship.

Synastry helps to discover if the combined energies of two people are compatible to each other or not.

Not only is astrology useful in determining compatibility in couples, but is also useful at the professional platform. It can help in determining if people can make good business partners, the type of team work an employee can be comfortable with etc .

While Western astrology uses the position of the sun in the Spring equinox to calculate Zodiac signs, Vedic astrology uses the fixed stars. The Zodiac signs give a more generalised opinion of relationship compatibility as the position of the Sun at the Spring Equinox varies.

But the Vedic astrology goes into details while making the horoscope or birth chart of the native using sidereal rulerships.

Western astrology can help greatly in understanding relationship compatibility based on the nature, attitude, interests of the two natives involved. They use the twelve signs, twelve houses and ten planets to compare the relative positions of the planets and the houses between the astrology charts of the couple to gauge their strengths and weaknesses. The process helps in evaluating the staying power of the relationship and guess whether the two would get along or not. It can also predict which of the partner would be more dominant and what problems the couple can face in their relationship.

Vedic astrology, on the other hand, is more detailed. In India, people still rely heavily on match-making with the help of Kundlis(Horoscopes). The ‘Ashtakoota Milan’ system has been used since ancient times, by learned astrologers, to count the number of points a couple scores in terms of mental, physical and sexual compatibility, temperament, personality etc . The higher the points, the better the compatibility.

The placements of planets like, Venus and Mars (“Relationship Foundation”) are also studied to determine compatibility. The effect of the 5th, 7th and 11th Houses are considered while discerning a successful alliance. Doshas like , Kuja Dosha or Manglik Dosha are taken into account before declaring a verdict.

All these were considered fool-proof by the elders, for a happy marriage. But now, with arranged marriages taking a back-seat, Kundlis are studied more with the intent of letting the couples work on remedies to bring them relief and enjoy a meaningful and trouble-free love life. That is, if the horoscopes of the two, don’t meet “eye to eye’.

Also, the birth charts identify the positive matching factors of the couple, so that they can work on them to make their alliance move forward.

Although the concept of live-in relationships is a little new, the idea is fast catching up even in developing countries like, India. But ancient Vedic astrology has answers to the questions based on this too !Questions like, whether to marry your live-in partner, whether to move into his house or yours, how to handle the finance in such an agreement etc , can all be answered by studying the horoscopes.

The stars and planetary alignments may themselves suggest a poor marriage for such people and so the live-in relationship could work best for them.

Astrology may be an ancient science, but still works best today as an advisory, when one is setting foot in an unfamiliar terrain.

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