Houses That Impact Your Career

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Team Astroyogi By Team Astroyogi
Houses That Impact Your Career

Within the realm of astrology, the 1st, 2nd, 6th, 10th, and even your 11th house have a significant impact on your job or profession. Together, the 2nd, 6th and 10th houses form a Triangle (Trikone) in your astrological chart.

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The 1st House indicates your courage and determination to move ahead in life. The 2nd House is the house of Wealth. It includes how you will receive/gain money, be it through your salary, by borrowing or selling, etc. This house predicts how much you can benefit from your job or business. The 6th House represents your health, which gets impacted by what work you do. This house is considered while studying your career as it helps to understand whether the work you do is beneficial or detrimental for your health. Many astrologers believe that a person with a strong 6th house will manage to get jobs easily and will always move ahead in his/her career.

Finally, the 10th House is the house of Karma, and the most important house in astrology. Astrologers predict your profession on the basis of the sign of the 10th house, the Lord of the 10th house, and the planets placed in this house. Your astrologer can guide you and give you clarification about any career related questions by analysing your 10th House. The master (planet) of your 10th house shows what type of job will be good for you and whether you will be able to maintain a stable job. It can also indicate whether your job will require you to travel a lot. Thus, it can be extremely beneficial to study different aspects of your 10th House while analysing your career astrology.

The 11th House represents your income and gains. According to astrologers, having a strong 11th House indicates a sound income. If you are not being able to get a stable income, it could mean that your 11th House is weak or generating malefic influence.

It is important to note, however, that these different houses in your astrological chart are not devoid of the influences of transits and the other planets. Thus, it is always better to consult an astrologer to get a detailed analysis and understanding about your Career. By consulting one, you can also get suggestions about how you can balance out the negative influences on your career.

Apart from the influence your Houses have on your career, your astrological chart can also influence when you are likely to get a job, and consulting an astrologer can help you become aware about it. Astrologers identify and analyse the following aspects in your astrological chart to pinpoint an approximate time before you get a (new) job:

The Dasha of the planet which is connected to your 10th House, the Dasha of planets placed in your 10th house, the Transit of the planet connected to your 10th House, and the Transit of Saturn and Jupiter in your 10th House.

Thus, if you ever feel insecure or unsure about what the future holds regarding your professional life or career, it can be beneficial to get your astrological chart analysed by an astrologer. Not only can this give you clarity, but it can also give you some confidence in your job, and suggestions about how you can modify your profession and improve your income.