Horoscope Matching Through a Software Is Not a Good Idea

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Team Astroyogi By Team Astroyogi
Horoscope Matching Through a Software Is Not a Good Idea

Horoscope matching is done in the Hindu culture before marriage, to check if the two to be betrothed, would have an amicable life together. For this, the natal charts (Kundlis) of both partners are compared and analyzed. It is believed that partners whose Kundlis complement each other, would have a successful and happy marriage.

Horoscope matching can play a crucial role in determining how compatible the couple is, the financial stability and career opportunities that the partners might get in the future, how compatible the couple is to bear healthy offspring, and can even play a significant role in the longevity of the couple. A compatible Kundli not only reflects good physical health of the couple, but also their mental health.

Horoscope matching can also bring to light the kind of relationship you might have. Matching horoscopes can highlight the dominating traits in the partners and hence, show the power dynamics and relationship equation the couple might have.

According to Vedic Astrology, the main reason for matching of kundlis before marriage is to ensure that the couple will have a happy, prosperous and long married life. Many renowned astrologers believe that to ensure that the marriage will be successful, couple should get their kundlis matched.

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With the trending technological advancements, many couples have started matching their kundlis through software available online. Since the software relies on manual inputs, it may not always provide accurate information. Furthermore, such online software may give generalized results that may not hold true for all couples. These software also do not account for mismatched Kundlis.

Many times, while matching Kundlis, ‘doshas’ are also found. These doshas are unfavorable traits or flaws in the Kundlis that can decrease the couple’s compatibility.

While matching Kundlis online can seem quick and easy, consulting an astrologer can prove more beneficial. For one; most Astrologers know the science behind Kundli Matching and can assess the Kundlis accurately. In case there are doshas in the couple’s Kundlis, an astrologer can suggest remedies for the particular Doshas.

Online software simply shows the end results of your search. If however, you wish to understand each others’ Kundlis more deeply, an astrologer can provide you with this information. Astrologers, while matching Kundlis, can contrast the favorable and the unfavorable traits in the couple, and check to see how they can cancel out each others’ flaws.

Another issue that may arise with simply referring to online software is, when kundlis do not match. If you have decided to get married to your partner and if your Kundlis do not match, it could be very disheartening. You may not then, get the solutions to remedy the situation without the help of an astrologer.

Vedic astrologers can often incorporate Western Astrology in their readings, while matching Kundlis. Incase there is a dosha in your Kundlis, with the guidance of expert astrologers, you can try to counter the negative impact. Doshas are often the result of past karma, and remedies and ‘poojas’ to rectify your past karma can only be identified by astrologers.