Happy Birthday Sonakshi Sinha - Astro Analysis of the Dabangg Girl

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Team Astroyogi By Team Astroyogi
Happy Birthday Sonakshi Sinha - Astro Analysis of the Dabangg Girl

Sonakshi came with a bang on the silver screen, getting a wonderful break with superstar Salman Khan, in Dabangg. Although, Sonakshi was not new to the film industry, being the daughter of the legendary Bollywood actor, Shatrughan Sinha, she first honed her professional skills with costume designing and even walking the ramp.

Born on 2 June, Sonakshi is a Gemini. Intelligent and quick-witted, this ‘Dabangg’ girl is fun to be with. According to the zodiac traits, if you have the opportunity to be friends with a Gemini, you are blessed. Her best friends will vouch for this. She made it a point to attend her ‘soul mates’ wedding and be the bride’s maid of honour, even when she was upto her neck in shooting for films.

Gemini is invariably the ‘life of a party’ as they are quick to let their hair down and Sonakshi is no exception.

Known to be extremely independent and ‘uncontrollable’, with a mind of her own, Sonakshi is the pampered child of Shatrughan and Poonam Sinha. This self reliant girl, likes to forge her own path in the film industry, rather than take the support of her father’s super stardom in Bollywood.

Gemini is known for their fashion sense and Sonakshi lost oodles of weight in order to look gorgeous in her designer wears. Her journey from fat to fit, is a source of inspiration for many of the fashion conscious.

Like the typical Gemini, Sonakshi is communicative and flirtatious, having got linked with various guy friends. According to the grapevine, she renewed her relationship with Bunty Sajdeh, inspite of her mother’s disapproval. And thats because you can’t keep a tight reign on a Gemini. They do as they please.

For the Gemini, Mars transit to Sagittarius may introduce a slack period in their career. Inspite of the hard work they put in, others lack of focus, may act as a dampener and effect their own career. And so, Sonakshi’s, ‘Welcome to New York’, released on 23 February, was a Box Office flop.

But the gutsy Sonakshi, is not one to bow down to defeat and lose her balance in frustration. She will make sure she makes the film critics ‘khaamosh’(silent) with her performance in her coming films, this year.

The second quarter of 2018, will ‘up’ her respect at the workplace and she could be the leading cause of the other crew, getting accolades for work well done. But she needs to be consistent in putting in hard work, as Mars retrograde by June end, could place her in a vulnerable position.With Jupiter going progressive on July 10, she will see a lot of growth in her work. By August end, when Mars turns progressive, her next film, ‘Happy Phirr Bhag Jayegi',(to be released in August 2018), would bring her instant success.

Mars transit to Pisces on the 26th of December will make the Gemini witness drastic financial improvements and thus, Sonakshi can expect good reviews for her work in Dabangg 3, slated to be released in December 2018.

We at Astroyogi wish Sonakshi a beautiful 31st birthday and wish her success in all her oncoming projects.

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