Hanuman Temple That Fulfills Wishes, With guarantee!

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Team Astroyogi By Team Astroyogi
Hanuman Temple That Fulfills Wishes, With guarantee!

What if you get to know there is a temple that guarantees you wish-fulfillment? You may be surprised to know that such a temple does exist. Situated in Gulbarga, Karnataka, there is a Hanuman temple which is famous by the name ‘Koranti Guarantee Temple’.

It is believed that if you visit this temple with utmost faith and pray with all your heart, your prayers will be heard and that’s a guarantee. This temple was built in 1957. It got this name because of the medical college situated nearby. The students from that college used to throng the temple and got their wishes fulfilled. That is how others also came to know about the significance of Koranti temple and it eventually got named as ‘Koranti Guarantee Temple’. According to one of the temple priests, if you visit Koranti temple and chant Hanuman Chalisa for half an hour to one hour, Lord Hanuman pays heed to your prayers and you can see the results soon.

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Kishkindha Parvat

Kishkindha Parvat, considered as Lord Hanuman’s birthplace is also situated in Bellary district, Karnataka. It is said that Lord Hanuman’s mother, Mata Anjani meditated and did tapasya for a son on this mountain range and she was blessed with Hanuman.

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