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Wednesday, November 13, 2019

Marriage astrologers believe that the 7th House is the most important House when considering aspects related to the native’s marriage. This House is not only linked to an individual’s marriage, but it also represents any serious relationship or commitment that the native will have in his/her life. 


In Astrology, your horoscope can help indicate early or delayed marriage. For males, the 7th House, the Lord of the 7th House, and the planet Venus are considered to play a significant role in determining marriage. The presence of benefic planets in the 7th House represents early marriage. On the other hand, if either the 7th House, its Lord, or Venus are poorly placed or are aspected by malefic planets, it can be an indicator of delayed marriage. 


For females, the planet Jupiter plays a major role in early and happy married life. If Jupiter and the Lord of the 7th House are well placed and are aspected by benefic planets, it can indicate a blissful marriage for the native.

Some astrologers believe that an auspicious link between the 7th and the 5th House can indicate a love marriage for the native.


Thus, astrologers consider the 7th House and the 7th Lord to be the most important factors in predicting marriage time by the native’s date of birth. In astrology, the 7th House and its Lord are also considered to predict marriage age and timing. 


You can easily find out what your 7th House is by counting anticlockwise from the Ascendant you are born in. For instance, if you are born with Aries Ascendant, your 7th House will be Libra. Or if you are born with Taurus, your 7th House will be Scorpio.


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Marriage related aspects are not only confined to the 7th House. Another important House for marriage is the 8th House. In marriage astrology, the 8th House indicates stability and sustenance of marriage. It also indicates the compatibility and harmony of the couple’s physical relationship. 


An auspicious link between the 8th and the 5th House indicates that the couple will have a sensual and romantic relationship. Two other Houses; the 2nd House and the 11th House are also indirectly linked to the individual’s married life. 


The 2nd House indicates Family and Relatives. Marriage is not only a relationship between two people, but it also unites and links the two families. And so, whenever two people get married, their families also get connected. And thus, 2nd House also plays an important role in the native’s marriage.


The 11th House indicates popularity, social status and social circle of the native. Good social compatibility is also needed for a blissful marriage, which is why the blessings of the 11th Lord are also sought. 


Important planets to predict marriage Timing in astrology


There are 2 important planets in Vedic Astrology that can help predict the timing of marriage for the individual. These planets are Venus and Rahu. The placements of these two planets have special importance in marriage astrology, as in a Horoscope, Venus is the natural significate of Marriage and Relationships, and even when the planet is not placed auspiciously with the 7th or 8th House, it can still indicate good marriage prospects for the native.


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