Exploring Leo, the Fire Sign

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Team Astroyogi By Team Astroyogi
Exploring Leo, the Fire Sign

The fifth astrological sign of the zodiac, Leo (July 23 - August 22) natives are the most dynamic of them all. Love them or hate them but you can never ignore them. They stand out from the crowd without trying too hard. They love stealing the spotlight and are known to outshine others with their personal magnetism. It's a fixed sign ruled by the Sun.

Leo, you are easily attracted to the rich and the famous, the bold and the beautiful and would often like to fashion your own lifestyle after them. In other words, you are easily seduced by material wealth and luxury and believe in living life in style. Your hobbies will probably be the sporting type or something that is vigorous. You will pursue your hobbies with considerable enthusiasm and excitement and will plunge into them whole-heartedly, at least in the beginning.

Leo in love: Leo rules the heart and is considered to be extremely passionate in love and romance. They take love pretty seriously. Faithful, passionate and giving - it's hard to resist the charms of a Leo man or woman. Short term flings do not attract Leo and they are in it for all or nothing. Leo lovers know how to lavish their partners with the best in the world and are known to seduce others with their charm and fine ways. They like to dominate and lead in relationships. The best matches for Leo are - Aries, Sagittarius, Leo and Aquarius.

Leo at work: Leo, your first impression at work is always great. You are very likeable and you gain the trust of other faster than the others. You know exactly what to say to impress your boss. You handle your projects well and take responsibility for your actions. Leo, you have a logical way of thinking out things which makes you an asset for any company. Your willingness to take risks always helps you innovate and create. You like to take authority and do not like it when you are asked to follow someone else's lead.

What Leo likes: Leo, you like to remain active and engage in fun activities that stimulate your mind and body. You like to party hard and be the centre of attention. You like receiving compliments and always dress to impress. Leo's vibrant personality makes them a success with people and they like the attention that they get. They like taking their dates out to a fine restaurant. They enjoy the company of elegant, rich and beautiful people. They like to be surrounded by beautiful objects as much as possible.

What Leo dislikes: Leo dislikes being in the company of dull and lazy people. They do not like the laid back life and will do anything to get out of it. Leo likes to explore and experiment. They want all things nice and when they don't get it, tempers flare. They can get quite ugly in a argument and may end up hurting others with their harsh words. Others may find Leo to be self centered sometimes.