Emotions and their Impact on our well being - How Moon affects our lives

Thursday, July 4, 2019

Your placement and lordship of the moon in your horoscope impacts different aspects of life when you are emotionally down. It could be the result of an emotional setback caused by any reason. It can be due to a breakup or problems in the relationship or losing someone closes either heavenly or emotionally. It can even be some problems in the workplace. It depends on the situation of the moon in your horoscope how well or ill-placed it is.


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If the moon is in the first house or lord of the first house then a person will be having an impact on own-self as it applies to almost everything in a horoscope in some way or the other. The first house represents self-image and thoughts and general wellbeing, they tend to harm themselves intentionally or unintentionally. This is the most sensitive case of all, that's why Cancer ascendant people are most sensitive of all. (Placement of moon should also be taken into account) Other impacts will be on the things related to 7th house negatively like issues with partner/ spouse, progeny, lower back, etc., but support will also come from there. Focusing on improving partnership and business will help. 

If the moon is in the 2nd house then wealth and people close to you will be impacted, like loss of accumulated money, gold, investments can be there, confidence in communication can also be impacted negatively. It will also be impacting 8th house so debts may increase and native will try to get pleasure from wasteful expenses or through money incurred from debts. Some hidden or immoral activities of pleasures might also occur. Loss of intuition due to lack of mental peace. Try to learn something which requires some research or in-depth knowledge. Do as much meditation as you can to bring transformation in your life as this is the house of transformation positively.


If the moon is in the 3rd house then a person will not feel like working or will stop putting efforts in general. Such natives may lose interest in uplifting their life and may become dispassionate. Only favored luck or the planetary condition of your father may help. Belief in God and being spiritual will also help.


If the moon is in the 4th house then the natives might create unrest in the domestic environment due to their behavior. Despite having everything materialistically in life there will be no mental peace and emotional satisfaction. Due to the emotional state, natives will try to justify everything morally but will not be able to reach any conclusion. Help could be from being busy in career-related things or some person who is professionally connected to you to motivate you in general. 

If the moon is in the 5th house then creativity, procreativity, learning, wisdom, memory, and your children may get affected negatively. They won’t be able to think logically. 5th house is in general related to emotions and stomach also so being too emotional can aggravate stomach issues as well. Help will come through focusing on earnings/income or by spending time with friends in general.


If the moon is in the 6th house then a person will develop a tendency of being anxious all the time they might make enemies due to his own grief, fear, and combative behavior. Natives may start facing troubles through servants and employees. Problem in the workplace can be there. Debts may increase. Sleep and meals my suffer. Such people may become prone to small accidents. Short term Illness can also arise. Support will come through 12th house and things like the connection with spiritual people, meditation and spiritual practices. 

If the moon is in the 7th house then the person may start making the wrong decisions in life. They might fall into controversies, commercial business may also get impacted, loss of interest in activities related to the 7th house may occur, partner or spouse related problems can be there, people may lose focus on morals. In this case, focusing only on oneself will help, doing what you are passionate about and meditation will help you sooth in.

If the moon is in the 8th house then natives may face problems related to extreme mental or physical suffering, debts or bankruptcy, accidents, problem in driving vehicles or maintenance, problem with the spouse in accumulation of wealth and fame may also occur as it is second to seventh. 8th is quite similar to the 6th house and impacts the occurrence of diseases and enemies. Communication with close family members, keeping your promises and being truthful might help you. You might develop a tendency of overeating during this time period and that too for tiny issues.


If the moon is in the 9th house then the natives will fall out of luck due to excessive negative mindset towards life and god. People will stop believing in good karma, charity, and devotion to the almighty. Native may develop a nature to disrespect elders and hurt their feelings. They might not feel like communicating with anyone in general. People may leave their job or work if the situation allows. It is advised to do more exercise, increasing social circle will also help.

If the moon is in the 10th house then natives will face problems with authorities and the government. There can be loss of command in the workplace. Negligence towards the responsibility of own karma can happen. Loss of achievements or loss of zeal to achieve in life may occur. Being positive and staying in touch with your mother and home may help. Try to travel to beaches or other water bodies. 

If the moon is in the 11th house then there can be a decline in regular income or earnings. Gradually people might lose touch with all their friends and colleagues if they are unable to come out of the emotional setback for a longer time period. Negatives of 5th can be there too. They will lose interest in learning and using common sense. Natives will stop being considerate of self and other people’s emotions due to the negative impact coming from the 5th. Being childlike, making new friends and learning new things will help you.


If the moon is in the 12th house then insomnia and nightmares may occur. Natives may become sensitive to sounds, might become extra superstitious too. People might start being aloof. They may lose all desire to win in competitions or compete in life. Stomach, intestine or other 6th house related issues may also crop up. Natives must take support from the positives of the 6th house to come out of this emotional setback. Self-discipline, focusing on working towards their service or making their financial position better and being a selfless server to others in need will give you mental peace and happiness you crave for. 

It is quite evident that the moon plays a great part in our lives as it controls our emotions. Every person is driven by their emotions only. These emotions can either fill you up with enthusiasm and positivity in your life which makes your mind active to achieve higher goals in your life or make you suffer through dull times causing instability of the mind. So we should try our best to come out of the emotional setbacks by focusing on the positive aspects of the 7th house from the placement or lordship of the moon. There can be a little bit of variation from person to person according to their birth chart as aspects and transits are different for everyone. 


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