Emotional evolvement is the need of the hour! Read to know how!

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Team Astroyogi By Team Astroyogi
Emotional evolvement is the need of the hour! Read to know how!

Feeling extra anxious and panic lately? It’s ok as the world is feeling the same way right now - and it’s understandable. The current crisis is daunting both to our physical and mental health. Emotional and mental health can be the biggest stumbling block for people during this crisis. But, we have to work our way as emotional evolvement is the need of the day. As faith has it, this too shall pass.

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But how do you withstand the huge wave of crisis, while they are coming at you at whirlwind speed? Here are a few tips worth considering to stay positive and keep your spirit high with these tips for tough times.


Say thanks

Give thanks to the present situation as well as the things that you already have in life. Let’s be honest, being thankful won’t be easy in the face of harsh challenges. But, focusing on what we do have rather than thinking of what we don’t will put us all in a better position to solve problems on our hands than being in self-pity and a state of sorrow.


Reach out to others

It’s easy to become closed-minded when bad things happen. But chances are you’re not alone. There are many who share the same feeling as you do. Connect with others who are in the same unpleasant situation as you. Think of someone you know who might be badly affected by the crisis? Some of them may have lost their jobs because the company was out of business while others may have suffered huge losses due to the stock crash. Or someone who may have been experiencing emotional stress. Talk to them, listen, and if it is within your ability offer your help. Helping others who are less fortunate than you also helps you put things in perspective. And who knows, they may be the ones who lend you a helping hand when things don’t work out for you. Although, one may not wish upon themselves so.

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Take stock of deep breathing

Many swear by the practice of deep breathing. A simple but reliable way to ground yourself to the present moment. Take a moment to pause and breathe. It will help slow down rapid breathing and soothe episodes of panic. Do this deep breathing exercise a couple of times a day for 20-30 seconds until a sense of calm arrives.


Limit intake of negative news

Being constantly fed with bad news or uncertainty of the coming times is enough to make anyone panic for no reason. Hearing the same news dozens of times from different sources each day can have a very negative impact on our mental well being. The power lies in us to either keep feeding our consciousness with this information daily or just limiting the intake with the required facts and ignoring the fakes.


Get close to nature

You are lucky if you are one of those living amid nature. Take a mindful walk through the woods to clear the mind and regain mental balance. Those who are city dwellers can go take a stroll in the neighbourhood park.


Re-evaluate the meaning of your life

Tough times are hard but they give valuable life lessons. It forces us, in fact, in a more broader way, gives the opportunity to re-evaluate the meanings we have been attaching to our lives. Ask yourself “Do the meanings and goals that I’ve been living by before really worthwhile? What are the things that really matter to me the most? And what are those that are not as important as I once thought it to be?


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